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Boukje Dijkstra, Ripon (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants II-5.
Mrs. K. Schuiling to Mr. S.J. Hoogland.

Ripon, June 22, 1935.
Dear Brother in law and Sister,

Receive first  hearty congratulations for your birthday from all of us.
And the wish that all of you may celebrate this day many times after this.
The children who are able to write Dutch are urged by me to write their Uncle's and Aunts, but most of it depends too much on me.
Last year I told them that I should not write, they had to do so, they absolutely had [to write].
It helped me so much that Gerrit and Sadie wrote you a letter and from your answer they learned that I kept my word for it that I did not write.
They like to do a lot for me but writing Dutch or to write one [a letter] seems to be a lot of work for them.
Now this one brings the news that Geertje announced her engagement in public.
I'll include the article from the Modesto paper.
As well as I am able to, I'll translate it on a piece of paper.

“Miss Schuiling Is Honored At Formal Party

 Mrs. A.P. Meily, was the hostess at a formal announcement party at Taza's Friday night telling of the coming marriage of Miss Getrude Schuiling to Dalton Christman, both of Modesto.
The secret was divulged to the guests by small printed announcements attached by little white ribbons to corsages.
The couple will wed probably early in September.
Five tables of bridge were occupied. Prizes were awarded to Mesdames Walter Schoemake, Eva Christman, E.C. Davis and Miss Gladys Copeland. Miss Schuiling received the guest prize.
Refreshments were served at a  long table in the dining room. The table was set in a blue satin cloth with pink napkins. The centerpiece was formed with pastel-shaded gladioli with yellow candles at each side.
Miss Schuiling wore a gold net formal with a corsage of orchids.
Those present included: Mesdames Davis, Robert Mayfield, Chester Robinson, Lawrence Fay, John Roden, Shoemake, Wallace Green, Garland Hennington, Clifford Barnes, Geotrge Keeley, Charles Hyslop, Jack Hammett, Kenneth Knudsen, Byron McManus, Standiford Boren, William Barnes, Christman and the hostess; Misses Mae Giovanetti, Geraldine Matteson, Anna Bekedom, Copeland, Mabel Barnes and Schuiling.
Mrs. Boren assisted Mrs. Meily in receiving the guests.”

Maybe Siebe, her cousin, can do it better than I.
Will you please inform their Uncle Douwe and cousin Siebe and the other relatives [about the news]?
I'll write the relatives in Tjerkwerd myself for her.
We all are healthy.
Clarence of Thies and Anna is still confined in the house, he is suffering from the measles, everything goes well but he still has to stay inside.
The children of Gerrit and Sadie and also of Do and IJtje all had it, they are recovered now.
Here it is very warm the last few weeks.
We had a long cold spring this year, but now it is so hot that it is too hot for the flowers outside, especially for the most delicate one's.
Geertje is already 8 or 9 years with Mrs. Meily, she is there at home as a child.
They don't have children, they are between 40 and 50 years old.
Very sociable people.
The other day I was there for a week.
They were so busy and asked me to come over for a week to do some light work.
Three days I was polishing the silver, the other days I could do whatever I liked.
I suppose you should like to know if Dalton, G[eertje]'s fiancé, is a farmer.
How long ago it is that he took over his mothers farm I don't know.
The first years  after school he worked as a servant in a store and learned a lot about men.
In the Bildts way we should say: he can manage everyone.
Now he is a farmer and lives with his Mother in Modesto.
A hired man lives on the farm which is close to the river.
The other day a dam of the reservoir here burst.
Last winter a lot of snow came down in the mountains, and the snow was thawing so quickly because of the warm days so there was too much supply and the dam burst and a flood was the result.
Happily no one was killed.
On Dalton's farm 900 acres were flooded.
He also had another 400 acres high land, he has 600 heifers on it.
It would not take long before he should not have had fodder for them he said, because it takes months before the water has gone.
Reservoir is a place where the water supply to irrigate can be held in stock during a summer. I think you'll know that.
Early September they probably will wed.
Lateron we hope to write again.
Receive with this letter a lot of hearty greetings from all of us, especially from your  sister Boukje.

[At the end of the translated article is written] Sadie brings me a note to include.
Geertje her address is Miss Gertrude Schuiling, R. 2 Box 820 Modesto Calif.

Ripon, Calif. June 22, 1934 [must be 1935]
Dear Uncle and Aunt,

Mother just dropped by and Aunt will have her birthday on July 6.
Well it is Saturday morning and I was busy baking pie and cake but I'll stop it for a moment to write first.
Last year I  think we forgot it too but that won't happen again this year.
Well Aunt hearty congratulations from all of us with this day and we hope that uncle and aunt will be alive to see it for many years.
How are you doing, are you healthy?
We all are doing well but I suffer a from my feet,I cannot walk well.
Yesterday evening we went to a foot-specialist and he put the feet in a bandage, it seems that it is the inward arch, in a week I have to go back.
My weight is 203 pounds, so I need good feet.
The girls are every morning in the fields with their dad to pull out the weeds under the trees.
In the afternoon they are free then it is too hot to work and they go swimming.
Gerrit will write later on, he has no time these days.
Lucille's tonsils have to be removed soon, as soon as they have room in the County hospital.
The other day they all had the measles.
Greetings from all of us.
Thank you very much for your last letter and the birthday greetings.
Gerrit and Sadie and  children.