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Boukje Dijkstra, Ripon (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants II-32.
Mrs. K. Schuiling to Mr. S.J. Hoogland.

Ripon, March 21, 1940.
Dear Brother in law and Sister,

At last a letter from America, in my mind I hear you say so.
Thank you for the photo you sent us.
Oh I am so happy with it.
Well it took some time before I got the letter with the photo.
First it came here in Ripon at the post office, because they could not find any one named Dijkstra here in Ripon and surroundings than a Dijkstra family here in Ripon and that man had told in the post office that he didn't know your address at the backside, so the letter was not for him nor for his wife.
The people of the post office replied that it must be for them because there was no other Dijkstra here.
So he opened the letter and learned from it that it was meant for Dick Konijnenburg.
Thus he brought it there and at last  I got it.
It is better that you just write Mrs. K. Schuiling on the  address, otherwise B. Dijkstra-Schuiling.
That is also the way I have to write my name when I sign the contract for the man who rents the farm here.
First it was a bit strange to me because in Holland it is right as you wrote it.
But here we are in America.
Also the girls have to write down their family name first when they marry and then the man's name follows.
Cousin Boukje de With sent me letters with the address Mrs. K. Schuiling, Ripon California on it, no North America.
I don't know if she forgot it but they always arrived, there must be just one California in the world.
The postman who delivers everything here works here since 1916, so he knows the Schuiling family well, but in the post office they only look at the last name.
However it took a long time to arrive we are very happy with it and grateful for it.
You all look nice on it [the photo], we think.
Everyone wanted to look at it and for the youngest I had to read it it because they can understand Dutch but to read it takes much longer than when it was in English.
When I have to read an English letter it takes twice the time.
Geertje writes me in English, I write them in Dutch.
Our youngest Sister Pietje passed away in Buitenpost.
I don't know if you can remember that, her husband later on went to America with both boys.
The oldest is head teacher at a school in Chicago, the youngest is a furniture maker in Grandville.
Their wives write me in English too, so in my old age I can read their letters but to read it out would be more difficult for me because to pronounce it is difficult for a Hollander.
Geertje heard the address of the Dutch queen Wilhelmina for the radio, she spoke English but they could hear that she was born in Holland, some words we cannot pronounce well as Hollanders.
The school teacher in Chicago writes me also in Dutch but he finds English easier to write.
Even the youngest of them can write Dutch well, which is amazing because they are here in America since 1910.
Their father was here for almost a year, he died of pneumonia in the spring after their arrival.
Jaantje was here last Saturday for a while, she brought the oldest girl to her music lessons, both other girls came with her.
Jaantje is expecting her 4th child in June.
Geertje was here on Sunday afternoon, she had a scrofulous tumor in her neck [A tubercolous condition of the lymphatic glands].
The doctor in Modesto will remove it and then she has to be in hospital here in Modesto for one week.
Geertje wanted it removed in Oakland where they live but Dalton, her husband, trust the doctors in Modesto more.
He was the family doctor of his family for a long time, a man with a lot of experience.
Except that we all are healthy.
Children have Easter vacation.
This week Sadie is busy with spring cleaning.
Last week I helped her sewing Easter dresses, this week I am busy with crochet work for her.
When Jaantje has a lot of needlework I go there for some days.
I am always happy when I can do something for them, than one feels still useful.
I have good spectacles so my sight is still fine however my spectacles are the first thing in the morning and the last in the evening.
I have to be very grateful that I am so healthy.
Here in Ripon is a woman who broke her hip, she is over 60 years old I think.
She is in hospital and where it is broken there is also an ulceration in it, so the doctor cannot put her in plaster before the ulceration has recovered.
She had so much pain that they needed to place a drain in it.
Also during that time [when she broke her own hip] I always was so healthy which was very lucky for me.
The farmers are already very busy plowing and sowing and day after day the weather is nice here.
We also didn't have a cold winter, as here in the papers was written it was in Holland the severest winter of the last 100 years.
The almond trees are finished flowering already, now the peaches and apricots flower.
My rose tree is full of buds, beautiful flowers are already in a vase on the table.
Receive with this many hearty greetings from all of us and most from Your Sister.
Who is in the American way Boukje Dijkstra-Schuiling
[At the left side of the page is written]  and in Dutch Boukje Schuiling-Dijkstra.