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Boukje Dijkstra, Ripon (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants II-31.
Mrs. K. Schuiling to Mr. S.J. Hoogland.

Ripon Oct. 12, 1939.
Dear Brother in law and Sister,

Receive with this my hearty thanks for the congratulations on my birthday.
The letter took 25 days to arrive, which is no wonder because the shipping is so obstructed.
In spite of that the letters were not opened by the English Nation like [they were] in the war of 1914-1918.
May this war end soon.
It was so long ago that I got a letter from you which made us wonder about you.
However we could not expect one during the months it was so stressful in Europe.
Now we understand.
The letter and photo I didn't get, I feel very sorry about that.
You must have written Ripon Calif. On the address?
If it had arrived here in Ripon at the post office I would certainly have received it.
Also in the State Colorado and in Iowa there is a town or village named Ripon.
However it is a mystery to us, because to expect that it will come yet is no option, I am very sorry about it.
We always are very happy with a photo and a letter.
Now I'll tell about my birthday.
In the morning, before school time, Sadie's children came and also Clarence of Thies and Anna.
At ten o'clock, coffee time, Sadie came with a home made cake, in the afternoon Jaantje and family came.
In the evening Thies and Anna and Clarence and Roelof and wife visited me.
We had a pleasant day.
Ytje and  family and also Dalton and Geertje came some days later.
Ytje's husband had a very busy day that day and Dalton didn't have vacation yet.
They sent me a nice birthday card and promised to come a few days later.
I got a lot of presents, however I had told them don't take troubles for me, they want to and I am grateful for it.
Here it is still busy on the fields, the beans are mostly done but now they have to mow and make hay.
The alfalfa has to be mowed again and Thies also has to bring the corn into the silo as winter food for the cows.
A lot of farmers here have their own silo's, they all help each other a day to fill it, it is cut by a machine and blown into the silo.
The farmers who help Thies those days to cut it on the field and to bring it on his yard with horses and wagons, he in turn has to help them.
So it is still busy on the fields here, the grains are harvested, the last beans have to be threshed on the field.
Day after day we enjoy the nice weather.
My roses and other flowers are still flowering.
Winter flowers are already growing, I am still able to clean up everything, including the house, because I am still in a very good health.
However they are very busy, the children and grandchildren are well too.
Receive with this many hearty greetings, also for the relatives.
Yours affectionately Sister Boukje.