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Sjoukje Hoogland, Jona (Minnesota)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants II-29.
John Bierma to Johannes J. Hoogland.

Johannes please give this to Uncle Sjouke, don't read it.
I don't know Uncle's address.
Uncle will read it and then ask him what it is and why.
We all are healthy.

September 4, 1938 Jana [MN].
Dear Uncle and Aunt,

At last I came so far that I write you but now to ask a question.
Uncle you still know that I was baptized in the Mennonite church in Oudebiltzijl.
Well Uncle we have been here for 24 years now and experienced a lot, but Uncle, when one want something [she is not telling what it is she wants] than you have to go to the church and when you go to the church they soon ask you to become a member.
If you are not a member you don't count and they always will ask the same question.
Uncle John says that if he was me he would not be baptized again because you already are baptized, he said.
Well I took that book with me but that is no proof that I was baptized.
John says I need papers how can you be so stupid.
So I ask you Uncle why reverend Kuiper [?] didn't do it [gave her a testimony, I guess].
He per se wanted me to be a member and in spite of that I was only a member for two years.
Well Uncle will you please take some troubles to send those papers and I also will write Uncle Wop about it [and ask him] to use them because I hope it is not too much trouble for you otherwise I am very sorry that I never asked Father for it.
I never thought about this before but like I wrote, I have to do something about it.
I also will write my Sisters but they always have something to write, I always want to know something.
Uncle what it will be, whether  we get papers [or not], that I anyhow can prove that I am baptized.
Well Uncle I also will write Uncle Wop to talk about it with you, I hope it is not too much trouble for you.
Well aunt, our oldest daughter wants to get married.
We have a nice crop this year, John says.
I name myself Sjoukje Hoogland, Mrs. John Bierma.

[At the left side of the page is written] Tell my sisters that everything is well.
P.S. Uncle I would like to have the baptize testimony before October 1st.