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Boukje Dijkstra, Ripon (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants II-28.
Mrs. K. Schuiling to Mr. S.J. Hoogland.

Ripon Aug. 24, 1938.
Dear Brother in law and sister,

Congratulations on your birthday Sj[ouke] and we hope that we can congratulate you many times after this and that the whole family may see it.
Also Happy Birthday from Dalton and Geertje, if I spelled it right in English I don't know [she wrote: hapij bufti], I wrote it as we say it here and minni mini jiers moor [many many years more].
Dalton and Geertru [Geertje] are here on three weeks vacation, continued salary.
I expect them here today or tomorrow.
Now they are in Modesto, where Dalton's Mother lives and also his married Sister, his Grandmother lives there too.
They all are the nearest relatives he has.
Geertje was here already last week, they have so many friends and well known people in Modesto.
They live very nice in Eureka as they say.
We had such hot days here in Ripon, on the hottest day it was here 110 [degrees F.], the hottest day in Eureka it was 62 [degrees], so a big difference.
In the winter it is not cold there, last winter Dalton never wore his coat as he told me.
It is near the coast there, that is why I thought it would be cold in the winter.
When they still lived in Oakland, I visited them,but now they live so much farther away the trip is too long for me.
Happily we all are well, next month the children have to go to school again after 3 months vacation.
Then five girls of Sadie will go to school.
Johanna, the eldest, then goes to the J.H.School, the children increase in years and so do we.
Sometimes I am ailing from rheumatics in my foot, but I still can do my household so I have to be grateful.
If I live to see I will be 70 [years old] on Oct. 3rd, so I absolutely cannot complain.
Jaantje has 3 girls, the youngest was not well some time ago, now she is healthy and bright again.
Also Ytje's 4 children are well and go to school, if the third one goes to school this year I don't know yet.
Further all are well.
Receive many hearty greetings from all of us, especially from Your Sister Boukje.