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Dina , Fremont (Michigan)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

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Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants II-25.
From Mrs. G. Koning to Mr. S.J. Hoogland.

Fremont [MI], June 22, 1939.
Dear uncle and aunt,

Hearty congratulations on aunt's birthday and also congratulations on the 50th anniversary of your marriage.
Griet wrote me that you have celebrated your golden wedding anniversary.
Well that is a beautiful festivity and how lucky that you were allowed to live to see.
I hope that you may be saved for each other for another number of years.
Well aunt and uncle it is a long time ago that the boys and I were in Holland.
Martin can remember the OudeBildtDijk well.
Both still remember an amazing lot of things from Holland.
I often think what would it be nice if they could go there for another time.
On this age it is more useful for them, but it is difficult to break out and both have a girl-friend and those don't like to miss them for a long time.
You will have heard from Griet that we live in Michigan these last years.
We like it much better than in Montana.
Michigan is a good state in many ways and I often think that if Johannes [her late husband I think] had established here instead of in the West, he had been more healthy [for a longer time].
But one doesn't know that all before.
How are your children?
One of them lives in the Hague isn't it and Johannes lives nearer to you?
These days with cars and airplanes there is no longer distance.
I don't dare to step into a plane, I rather keep it on the ground.
How pleasant that Griet doesn't live far away from you.
Siebe and Bet do they still live in Leeuwarden?
Well the boys just came home and it is time for dinner.
I should like you to see those 2 giants, both are far over 6 feet tall and a lot taller than their father was.
Well uncle and aunt I hope you will have a nice day and congratulations again and I wish you all of the best, your niece Dien, Martin and Jo.

Our address is Mrs. Koning, Box 174 Fremont, Michigan U.S.A.