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Boukje Dijkstra, Ripon (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants II-24.
Mrs. K. Schuiling to Mr. S.J. Hoogland.

Ripon June 21, 1938
Dear Brother in law and Sister,

July 6th will be there I think when you receive this.
Hearty congratulations on your birthday Klaaske and I wish you many more years in health.
I also congratulate You both on your golden wedding anniversary I presume it is this year?
Because I mean that it was in 1888 when you got married.
As I remember I embroidered characters and year on sheets and pillow slips for you K[laaske], or am I wrong?
My dearest wish is that you may have some more healthy years together.
Sadie will also write You, she promised me.
She don't know that I'll send this today, it is better that she don't know because otherwise they will say Oh Mother already sent congratulations and mean it will be enough.
It is a hard job for them to write a letter in Dutch, nevertheless I always try to urge them to write a letter to the relatives.
The other day Ytje also promised me to do so, she also is still able to write in Dutch.
The youngest children and also Thies cannot spell nor write a letter in Dutch.
Then I say write it in English, they can read it or have it read out.
Geertje always writes me in English, I can read that well now and I write them in Dutch.
Geertje can read Dutch and tell it to her husband in English.
Greeting from Dalton for me are written in Dutch in every letter.
They now live 380 miles north from here.
Eureka is near the coast of the Pacific Ocean.
During the summer it is not that hot there and in the winter it is not cold.
When they were here in early May Dalton told me that he didn't wear a coat the entire winter.
Although it is called the Pacific Ocean, waves can be very high there, even so high that the fishermen cannot leave the harbor and for all that it is not cold there.
It is quite a big city and as people say a nice one too, later on I'll write you how many inhabitants there are, I don't know that yet.
They like living there, are doing  well and healthy too.
We also are all healthy.
Yesterday Thies' wife Anna and her sister Berendina went to Stokton [Stockton] to undergo the examination on citizenship.
Persons who are not born here have to study for it.
Last winter they studied for it at the school in Ripon.
Gerrit and Sadie are also not citizens, however Sadie was born here.
But because she is married to a man who is not a citizen, she lost her citizenship.
Now they both should have to study for it and that takes a lot [ in time and trouble] after they say.
The one who is no citizen cannot go to the elections to vote for a President and the rest of the government.
For the one who can study easily it is not a problem, but Thies had a lot of troubles with it.
He had, and that was the worst for him, to tell on what steamship he came here and what the name was of the captain etc.
Three witnesses had to come with him who knew that he came to Montana as a little baby with his mother.
Thies was so lucky that he could find them here in Ripon and Modesto.
One of them told those Gentlemen that Thies was crying when he arrived in Montana.
It was Jan Willemzen [Willemsen?], he is still alive and still lives near Modesto.
One of those witnesses passed away two years ago, Mr. Broekema, he came from the province Groningen.
Here there live many Hollanders, almost from every province except Noord-Brabant and Limburg.
Many came from Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland and Zeeland.
Also people from Friesland [Frisia] who still can speak in the real Frisian farmers dialect.
Once I visited a Mrs. Visser who could speak the Frisian farmers dialect [however the Frisian 'dialect' now is a recognized Dutch language] or English best.
I think it is three months ago now that she [Mrs. Visser] burnt herself badly when her fuel oil stove exploded.
After all it ended better than expected.
Her clothes and hair burnt.
First she was in hospital but since some weeks she is at home again and everything looks well.
Mr. Visser bought an Electric stove immediately, which is more safe. 
I also like to cook on Electricity.
In towns and along the highways people have gas but here in the country we all wash, iron and cook on electricity.
When the days are very hot I put an electric fan on and in the winter when is it very cold I put an electric 'ped' [hot water bottle?] on, which comes at the foot of the bed under the blankets, some time before I go to bed it is nicely warm.
You wrote me that Ymkje Kingma has passed away, she was the last one of the T[h]omas Kingma family isn't it?
Hendrik [Kingma] died here in America, Marten [Kingma] a few years ago in OBZijl [OudeBildtZijl] I mean.
My paper always is full too quickly.
Receive many hearty greetings.
Your Sister Boukje.