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Boukje Dijkstra, Ripon (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants II-23.
Mrs. K. Schuiling to Mr. S.J. Hoogland.

Ripon April 24, 1938.
Dear Brother in law and Sister,

It is about time to write back to you I think.
Yesterday Geertje visited me for the day, she arrived at 11 o'clock.
It was Saturday and I only had to dust a bit so I finished early.
It was a surprise for me, they went to Modesto on Friday evening.
Dalton, her husband, had to attend a meeting.
So she came yesterday on her own with the car.
She had a bit of a cold, must be caught during the trip.
Here in Ripon we all are well.
This afternoon I expect Ytje to come.
They live at the other side of Modesto.
Jaantje didn't visit me for some time because the baby is not quite well.
She [the baby] was ailingĀ  from the glands in her neck, the one side was swollen so she held her head sideways.
Now that is better again but she also has troubles with her teeth.
If the weather is nice and the children well Jaantje often visits me, it is very nice when the women can drive the car here.
Ytje cannot drive, it is better that she don't learn it because she is too nervous.
Roelof's wife refuses to learn it too, well that is sensible when they don't trust themselves.
I have so many flowers around the house, the rose-trees are already full [with flowers].
I didn't finish spring cleaning yet.
I had my kitchen painted, every one says that it looks very nice now.
Thies was here yesterday afternoon, he saw Dalton and Geertje's car near the house.
He was working on the field opposite to my house so he also must be with me for a while he said.
When he is working there without horses he often comes to me.
He recently bought two young extra horses, when he uses them he cannot leave them alone in the field but yesterday he examined the ditches because they already start irrigating.
Now the reason it is about time to write.
Mr. and Mrs. Hoekstra from here in Ripon are on a trip to the Netherlands.
Last Monday they left.
They wanted to stay in Chicago for some days and also in New Jersey.
On Tuesday April 26 they will embark.
I gave them your address and the address of my brother Dirk, so it is possible that they will visit you.
Of course they go to Holland to visit their relatives.
Mrs. Hoekstra's relatives live near Zwolle I believe, [Mr.} Hoekstra's father and relatives live near Heerenveen, Leeuwarden he would come he said.
They were planning to rent a car in the Netherlands and he was thinking that when he transmitted greeting from relatives, people won't refuse them a night lodging and don't send them to a Hotel.
You and also Dirk and Trijntje in OBZ [OudeBildtZijl] will have time to welcome them.
If they are also welcome with Idsche and also with Bouke and Trijntje and Dirk Polstra en Ytje I don't know, brother Dirk has to ask them when they [Mr. and Mrs. Hoekstra] are with them.
I wrote him too that I gave their addresses to Hoekstra.
Receive many greetings from all of us and also from Geertje, she knows I would write you today, hearty greetings. Boukje.