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Boukje Dijkstra, Ripon (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants II-22.
Mrs. K. Schuiling to Mr. S.J. Hoogland.

Ripon Oct.14,1937.
Dear Brother in law and Sister,

Receive with this my thanks for the congratulations on my birthday.
Oct. 3rd I had my birthday then I was 69 years, so K[laaske] you were completely right.
I mean that Geertje, the Mother of the children, had her birthday on Oct. 13.
This year it was on a Sunday, in the morning Sadie and the children came to congratulate me, in the afternoon Do and Ytje were here with their 4 children and also Roelof and Fanny.
In the evening Thies and Anna and Clarence came here.
Dick and Jaantje could not come because the baby is born on Sept. 19.
Instead we visited them for a day.
Again it's a girl.
We hoped number 3 would be a boy, but everything is very well and we also are happy with a girl.
Last week Jaantje was here already with her 3 girls.
Women here drive cars as good as men.
The road I live on is quite busy.
I believe more cars pass here driven by women than by men.
The County Jackson School is nearly opposite of my house.
In the morning before 9 o'clock it is busy with cars, every one brings their children to school, most of them are women.
Dalton and Geertje didn't visit me on Oct. 3.
I got a nice card from them.
They moved on Sept. 28 to Eureka which is 400 miles farther away from here in the northern part of Calif.
It must be in the neighborhood of the Pacific Ocean in the northern part of Calif.
We didn't like it very much that they went so far away but they are still young and have to search for their own best.
It is another letter to write I said.
Well they do that frequently.
Mostly I write Dutch and Geertje can read it well but to spell for a letter she rather does it in English, well that is alright  with me when they regularly let us know how they are doing.
Dalton is now the chief of that store.
Andrew Williams is a rich man and he has many farms in Calif. And in the big cities he has many stores which he owns.
He is always willing to help young persons who like to work hard to make progress.
Well Dalton and Geertje are able to adjust themselves with the people they soon will feel at home there I think.
This year Dalton twice got a higher wage.
We all are very well.
Sadie has some troubles with her stomach, she has to follow a diet doctor says.
She weighs a lot over 200 pounds.
Today it is a bit rainy here.
The beans that are grown here need some dryness because the harvest is not ready yet.
The photo's of Klaas' portrait must have arrived now.
First I'll wait whether every one received the photo.
I have one left and when I know every one got it right, I'll send another one to you.
Don't you think that Johannes [son of] Samuel Schuiling would like to have a photo of Klaas?
Because they lived in your parents house like brothers when they were young.
Or do you think there is some one else who should like it more [than he].
I'll wait for your judgment and then send it to your address.
I'll also wait if the photo's all arrived on their destination.
I don't have more paper.
Receive many hearty greetings, Your Sister Boukje.