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Gerrit Schaapman, Ripon (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants II-17.
Mrs. K. Schuiling to Mr. S.J. Hoogland.

[At the back side of the envelope is written]In this a map of California and a photo of a long bridge there.
[The photo of  the bridge belongs to letter II-16.]

Ripon  April 15 [19]37.
Dear Brother in law and Sister,
It is about time that we let you know something about us.
Today it is cold here and a lot of wind so I am not planting flowers and removing weeds.
I think it is better to write some letters today.
On April 30 brother Dirk will have his birthday and also cousin Boukje De With, both will be 72 years old.
The other day cousin Boukje De With sent me 4 book markers in a letter, she had decorated them with roses made of old stamps.
We all find them beautiful. She also collect stamps.
She still lives in the same boarding house 'Puntenburg' in Gorsel.
Her sister and husband still live in the city of Groningen, if they may live to see they will be married 50 years this summer.
He is 80 and she 75. So they become on an old age.
I didn't finish spring cleaning yet, everything is later so spring cleaning too.
I had my house painted outside and that is also not finished yet.
Sadie and also Thies' wife Anna have not finished spring cleaning, I am not the only one.
We didn't suffer from the flu last winter, in the family there were a lot of colds but now we all are healthy.
Jaantje has two girls. The youngest suffers of whooping-cough in a mild form, they were here last Sunday afternoon.
Tomorrow we will celebrate Sadie's and Ytje's birthday and on the 17th the birthday of Sadie's youngest girl, then she is 5 years old.
It is like you wrote, a year goes fast.
In your letter you asked me how old mother was when she had that [illness], it was in 1890, she was born in [18]35 so she was 65 years old then.
She had it once before but not as severe as in 1890.
Then she was in Hollum with her Mother and had watched over her there night after night.
And because Mother always was a very delicate sleeper, she could not sleep there by day and exert herself too much I think.
Then Grandmother died and Mother could not go to the funeral.
Grandmother was 86 years old.
Then our Mother said I won't reach that age because she felt very weak during that time and then my Mother lived to be over 4 years older than Grandmother.
Doctors are more capable than in 1890.
It made me happy to know that you are well again.
Oh and the food [having a diet] becomes a necessity.
Last years of his life I always was cooking for Klaas what was the best for him to eat, it was necessity with us too.
We all like to do what the best is for being well and for health.
Ytje looks so very well now and feels very fine.
Dalton and Geertje live in Oakland now which is a town nearer to San Francisco.
I'll include a little map of California then you can see it yourself.
Last Tuesday morning they came hereto visit me.
They come more often now than when they lived on the farm.
Now Dalton works in a large store, one can buy everything there.
Before he also worked in a store in Modesto, but when he became some older his Mother liked him to take over the farm.
They built a nice house on it and could sell the farm well for cash money.
His Mother lives on retirement in Modesto, she has a car and can go where she likes to go.
His Grandmother also lives in Modesto, she is still quick and also travel-minded.
She also made a trip to Europe once and she can tell a lot about that.
On Oakland and Ripon I'll make an ink spot so you can find it.
I think Oakland is 70 miles from here but with a car the distances are not that far.

[At the left side of the page is written] Receive with this many greetings from Your Sister Boukje.

Ripon Calif. Sept. 4 – 1937.
Dear Uncle and Aunt,

Aunt may be will have said: well I don't do that again.
I even don't get a thanks from Thies and Anna for the handkerchiefs I made for them.
But we don't mean it like that!
I write so many letters in my head, but they don't go further.
Well at first our hearty thanks for that present, I was very happy with it.
I'll see if I can find some photo's to make it right a bit.
How is Aunt doing now?
After the last letter I read with Mother, Aunt Klaaske has still to live on a diet.
What caused that bleeding?
My sister sometimes suffers from her stomach too.
Do you live in the neighborhood of Suawoude?
I have two cousins which are reverends there in  Protestant parishes.
Hendrik in Suawoude and Egbert in Wouterswoude, both in Friesland.
The one is Hendrik Schroten and the other is Egbert Schroten.
I think they are a bit angry with me because I got an engagement-card and wedding-letters but I never answered them.
Oh my thoughts still are so often in [Holland] and sometimes I am homesick for a visit to my old fatherland.
It is strange that one still can get that while one has been here for such a long time.
But who knows maybe some day I'll come over for a cup of coffee.
I don't think that Thies is willing to give anything for it for himself, but he often promised me a trip to Holland.
I think it could rather be more difficult, because so many [people] already passed away since we left there.
Here everything also has changed since we came here.
My father is gone for four years already.
Time goes fast when one becomes a bit older.
Thies was 39 years old in March and I 33.
Our son was 8 years last May.
He is in the 2nd class now.
It looks that he don't like to go to school very much.
Today Thies is to a neighbor (Paul van Til) I believe you people know him a bit isn't it?
They are filling a silo there.
Well I don't know well what to tell about.
Oh yes, Thies bought two new horses last week.
They have to be trained yet.
Well people my excuses for my carelessness in answering of that beautiful present.
And please write back.
Greeitngs from Thies + Anna
Clarence Schuiling.
Ripon Calif.