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Boukje Dijkstra, French Camp (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants II-14.
Mrs. K. Schuiling to Mr. S.J. Hoogland.

[Upside down on top of the page is written] Excuse me for the wrong way I turned the sheet over.

French Camp San Joaquin General Hospital.
[The letter arrived in Holland on October 27, 1936 which must be 1935.]
Dear Brother in law and Sister,

Thank you for the congratulations I received this week.
I had to celebrate my birthday in bed and I am still in bed to write, which is not going very well but I hope you can read it.
The nursing is fine here, the plaster of Paris dressing is removed which made me very happy.
It was from a bit under the arm to the toes at the left side, at the right side till the knee.
I was in it for nine weeks and had to lie all the time.
Now I sometimes can sit in bed again.
It is a new building with all the new conveniences, in this building 250 persons are being nursed.
In the other buildings 600 persons are nursed.
So you can imagine that it is a huge hospital.
I am on the fourth floor and there is also a floor above this one.
Everything goes with the elevator.
There are also staircases however everything is arranged for ease.
When I had an X-ray [ she wrote: was electrically X-rayed] to see if the fracture was healed, they moved me there in my bed, in the bed in the elevator downstairs and  upstairs.
On the sheet the doctor pulled me on the table under the light and the same way he put me in bed again.
There are 9 doctors here I know maybe there are more.
The language improves on acquaintance if one has to.
Dr. Vrieburg [Freiburg/Freibourg?] and I had a long talk, he comes from Germany, he told me he had been in the Netherlands in Amsterdam and Edam where they make such delicious cheese and he also named other cities.
He is the main doctor here.
Also the   head nurse never pass without some words. I feel at home here.
The children visit me as often as they can and take care that I have books from the Dutch library in stock.
A lot of friends are visiting me, even people from Redlands and Los Angeles came here and brought me a beautiful plant, which stands next to my bed on a standard.
Geertje married, you must have had the wedding- card.
They made a wedding trip of 2 weeks.
Every day I got a post card from them so I knew where they were.
The day they married I got a  telegram.
G[eertje] brings me a lot of flowers here from his [Dalton's] mother.
When they were on their wedding trip she brought me the flowers herself.
Now how I got my accident.
A piece of wood was laying on the ground and because I couldn't put my left foot somewhere else that quick because that knee is stiff, I fell down.
The left [hip?] was broken, the right one got bruised.
Now I have to wait till everything is stronger.
However it was very painful, I didn't expect it was broken.
Receive many greetings from Your sister Boukje.