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Boukje Dijkstra, Ripon (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants II-12.
Mrs. K. Schuiling to Mr. S.J. Hoogland.

Ripon August 17 [19]36.
Dear Brother in law and sister,

Hearty congratulations on your birthday an we wish you may celebrate it in health for many years after this together with all your relatives.
It is very busy here making hay and so I don't expect the children will write you, so also congratulations from them.
The three youngest cannot write a letter in Dutch.
Ytje was in hospital for 3 weeks to get surgery.
She is at home again and feels fine.
The time she was in hospital and still now she has an 18 or 19 years old girl for the household.
The oldest [child] goes to school, the youngest of 4 years old is also walking but all still need so much supervision and help.
Two boys and two girls.
The help is used to children, to me it looks a good help for them.
Three weeks ago I stayed with Jaantje for four days.
She has two girls, the oldest is also going to school.
When I came home they told me, already on the way home, that Thies'  hay barn with cow stables had burned down on Sunday morning at four o'clock.
Also their car has burnt.
In the morning at four o'clock Th[ijs] starts to milk, then everything was on fire.
The cows were in the corral at the south-side of the stables and the barn, the horses were at the east-side also in a corral, so outside but he had to take them away because there are horses who jump into the flames.
The cows he drove into the bean field, the horses to the neighbors.
Then it was too late for the car because it already burnt.
Buildings and hay were under insurance, the day before he had the threshed barley, which was outside in sacks, brought inside.
If that was under insurance I don't know yet.
He lost a lot in it, harnesses and so on.
The insurance pays only 80 percent of it.
Th[ijs] had everything in order.
Also Klaas said that not one of the sons had things so well in order and kept  it that way as Thies.
He is such a worker, from early in the morning till late in the evening and always busy.
At first they thought the fire was caused by the electric light, but in that case the 'vugas/vugus'[???]
were burnt down and now that didn't happen they think about maliciousness.
These days there are many fires they don't know how it was possible and by what it was caused.
The neighbor meant he had heard a car with youngsters on their yard at half past 3, who came from a dance party.
I think it will be unknown.
Now I like to thank you for everything you wrote in your last letter about people I know.
I like it very much to hear about relatives and well known people.
I can take care again of my flowers now.
From half past six in the morning to nine o'clock I am busy taking care o0f my flowers, later on the day it is too warm for me and when I stand on my feet for about three hours, my feet get tired.
Then I go in the house, eat my breakfast and rest a bit.
The other day I also was with Dalton and Geertje on a Sunday.
They were building a new house. I think I wrote about it in my last letter.
They didn't have furnished everything yet but already could have visitors, there were two rooms unfurnished.
Last week they were planning to get more furniture Anna, Thies' wife, told me last week.
Thies' and Anna's boy can go to school next September.
Cousin Boukje de With wrote me the other day, from that we can learn that we become older.
She already is 71 years old now.
She still lives in the same boarding house in Gorssel, Gelderland.
We keep up a regular correspondence.
In her last letter she asked me if Geertje, the mother of the children, her brothers are still alive.
She knew them very well in St.Jacob[a-parochie].
Boukje's sister still lives in the city of Groningen, she is 74 and her husband is 80, so also old people.
Receive with this many hearty greetings, also for the relatives, from Your Sister Boukje.