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Boukje Dijkstra, Ripon (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants II-11.
Mrs. K. Schuiling to Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Hoogland.

Ripon June 23, 1936.
Dear Brother in law and Sister,

Receive with this our hearty congratulations on your birthday.
We'll be too late at least one day when you'll receive this.
Two weeks ago we already said: Aunt Klaaske [also Klaasche] will have her birthday on July 6th and we have to take care that the letter must be there.
Days and weeks go fast.
This week we have warm days already, so we can feel that it is summer.
Well I can resign myself in it, my feet are much better than in the spring,then I suffered a lot of rheumatics and they were, especially in the evening, very much swollen.
The children wanted me to visit the doctor but I thought they cannot do much about it, the weather has a lot of effect on it.

[At the left side of this page is written] Sadie promised me to write too.

Now I am very happy that they are much better and much stronger.
On Sunday morning I go to the church again.
And I also went out for one day.
Geertje took me for a day too.
Then we went to their farm in the afternoon.
They built a house on it which is almost finished, so they have to move soon.
It is about three weeks now that she visited me last time.
She is busy because she has to be on the farm most of the days to tell how she likes it to be furnished.
Thijs comes often by me in the afternoon to have a cup of tea.
He has land opposite to my house.
When he is working on it I'll make tea for him at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
This morning their little son was here for a moment, he is five years old now.
He is a very tall boy for his age.
The other children and grandchildren are well too.
They all are busy.
Now Ytje is living farther away she comes not often.
Jaantje can drive a car but Ytje cannot, and the men are so busy.
On the farm where Dalton and Geertje will live themselves, there was a house in earlier days but it burned down some years ago.
There is still a small house on it but the farm hand is living  in it.
They rather like to live there themselves.
Dalton always has to drive a long distance with his car to get there every morning and evening, so he will be pleased when they are living there.
It is on some distance from Modesto but Geertje can drive a car, so if she needs something, she can get it herself in town.
Here with me the baker comes three times a week.
The greengrocer comes twice a week, he is a Dutchman too.
There are more bakers and greengrocers that pass here so we don't have to go to Ripon for it.
I think that where Geertje is going to live there won't pass  many cars, however a new bridge was built across the river on the road from Modesto to Stockton and San Francisco.
Again congratulations from all of us and we all wish you happy years with each other.
Receive many hearty greetings from all of us, most of Your Sister Boukje.


June 24, 1936.
Dear Uncle and Aunt,

Mother and I both will write, because Aunt will have her birthday soon and the letter will come too late.
We all congratulate Aunt heartily and we hope that the Lord may save you for each other many years after this.
It is pretty warm here these days.
The girls help dad in the morning to kill the weeds in the beans.
We have 12 acres [with beans], they once got through it before, the second time goes quicker.
Uncle and Aunt must could come here for a moment than I didn't have to write and they could see my new electric stove and ice box, for sure it is a comfort but the hot water tank is not as it should be yet.
The water is not hot enough to wash.
Yesterday I canned 28 quarters with apricots, yes it is that time again.
We all are healthy and then the work means nothing.
Once I wrote you that I was suffering of my feet but happily that is cured.
I have to let make my shoes, they cost 12½ dollars which is very expensive, but as long as it helps.... and we are well off, than it is not a problem.
There are so many people who couldn't pay that.
The other children [her brothers and sisters] are also doing well.
Do and Ida [Ytje] live so far from here that we don't see each other often and mother is well too.
She came here to drink a cup of coffee.
Mother also goes to church again.
The other day mother had the inside of her house papered and painted now it is very neatly.
Paul van Til and his daughter are leaving for Holland next Saturday and we gave him uncle's address and when he has arrived he'll send uncle a card and we hope that you'll meet each other.
Well uncle and aunt it is almost [time for the] afternoon meal and I have to stop now.
And aunt we hope to hear from you too.
Next time I have to be more careful, writing is very difficult for me and Gerrit has a letter ready in no time.
Now greetings from all of us.
Sadie [Sietske] and family.