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Sietske Schuiling, Ripon (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 65.
Mrs. K. Schuiling to Mr. and Mrs. Hoogland.

Ripon Dec. 10, 1932.
Dear Brother in law and Sister,

We all wish you a lot of blessings in the new started year.
It is like you wrote  K[laasche], we have to continue our writing.
I visited the children again in the “Bildtse” way.
They also have to write with this.
I hope to visit the one's who can write Dutch again tomorrow.
Ytje also is able to do so but don't have time her way, nevertheless I'll urge them again with new spirit.
However they [Ytje and her family] live most far away and don't come often.
They also don't go to the church here so we don't see each other a lot.
Ytje's husband is recovered totally.
Sietsche [Sijtsche] helps milking in the morning and in the evening again for some time.
I sometimes say to her: you certainly think that things cannot go [well] without you in the stable.
But she feels that when she is not helping, it takes so much time before Gerrit is ready.
Here there was a severe cold everywhere but are recovered now.
In every house it was and 2 or 3 [persons] in bed, but it is better now.
Yesterday we met Geertje in the town Modesto.
Roelof and wife and I went there yesterday.
Modesto is a much larger town than Ripon.
So we have to do the shopping there for things we cannot get in Ripon.
I still cannot answer your questions K[laasche] if I can live a bit from the rent of everything.
I asked Gerrit what he thought I can count on as an income every month when all the extraordinary payments are done so that I can arrange my board and everything after that [to the income].
I don't want Roelof to have a lot of expense with it.
After the law I should have had a part of the rent for support.
According to the law here it has to be deducted first, so they [the widows] don't need  to be supported by the State.
Namely the widow who is awarded the rent as in the will.
Now I like to do this year with pleasure but I should like to know what I can count on.
The rent of the farm we got back comes in well.
Those people pay the rent well.
Roelof pays half the profit of this farm where Roelof lives on to Gerrit, so that is all well.
Then the money which was in the bank and what [the money] we lent to a person in Redlands is paid or taken from it.
And what  about the man who bought the house in Redlands has paid on that came in [was paid].
Nevertheless when I asked Gerrit the other day what he thought I can count on, he said that he still had a lack of money.
He also didn't have time to make an account.
Now he promised me that he should pay Roelof 6 dollars

[At the left side of the page is written] How are Jaantje's children doing? I should like to know everything. Is Trijntje also healthy these days?

A month for my board.
That it disappoints me very much that Roelof has to pay that on his own will amaze no one.
They don't want that Roelof will make money on me and Roelof don't want that either.
When the house in Redlands was sold some of the children liked to build a small house for me on Roelof's yard.
However some of them don't like that, so it won't happen.
I hope that Gerrit soon will render an account.
It is already over a year [that I don't know] where I have to [reckon with ] or can count on when the extraordinary payments are done.
Gerrit is so very slowly with it.
The other day, which is over a month ago now, the bill of Klaas' grave was sent by mail.
I asked Gerrit is it still not paid? I think that must be the first thing [to do], but he forgot it as he said.
Rather I would not make a noise about it but I am so disappointed, because Klaas was so different in these things, he always knew how to handle and took so much more action.
Geertje has a lot of complaints about her throat these days, it is often ulcerated.
Doctor says the tonsils have to go out but that is not possible when the throat is ulcerated.
We received your letter just on Nov. 29th.
Receive this with a lot of greetings from all of us, Roelof and wife and your sister B. Schuiling-Dijkstra.

[At the left side of the page is written] With this the photo I forgot the other day.

Dec. 11, 1932 Ripon Calif.
Dear Uncle and Aunt,

Today it is a cold Sunday, this morning everything was frozen.
All the taps were frozen up.
In the afternoon [ I went] to the watering trough of the cows with hot water, because the animals needed to have water.
Mother already wrote her letter and now I have to, she said.
I really shrink from the difficulty because I never write Dutch any more.
When Dad was still alive we wrote every two weeks to them.
So I keep caught up with everything and now Mother is with Ralph [Roelof] so I just have to phone.
Gerrit stays in bed today, he has pain in his back and there is a kind of flu going around.
We almost all have had it, one of the girls must get it yet, it is not that bad and when one stays in bed for a few days they will be recovered soon.
One of the neighbors helped me to milk this morning and tomorrow Gerrit's brother John will help me.
These days we don't milk many [cows], just 9.
Four of them stand dry, butterfat is not expensive here, we get paid 28 cents.
Aunt now I made everyday coats for the girls during the last weeks now I have to make one for myself.
There is a dress I made half ready a long time ago, I have to finish that first.
There is a lot to do when you have 5 girls.
Roelof 's wife is also helping me sometimes, she can sew very well.
At the moment she makes a dress for Johanna, out of a dress of Geertje, to wear to school and Mother helps us also with darning the stockings.
Mother also made a new lining in my coat and so there is always something.
Now I don't know what to write more.
Gerrit will also write you soon and he has to write about the farm then.
Aunt I'll include a portrait of the girls and when Gerrit writes you [we'll include] a portrait of all of us.
Now I hope Uncle and Aunt will receive this letter in health.
We wish Uncle and Aunt a happy New Year.
Well Uncle and Aunt please write back soon.
Greetings from all of us for all.
Gerrit and Sadie and children.

From the left to the right the girls are: Lucill  will be   6 years Jan. 5
Gertrude  “       8    “     April 25
Clara        “       1    “     April 17
Johanna    “      10  “     March 8
Bertha      “        5   “     July 2.