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Boukje Dijkstra, Ripon (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 62.
Mrs. K. Schuiling to Mr. And Mrs. Hoogland.

[Ripon July 7, 1932]
Dear brother in law and sister,

Because some of the children are still able to write Dutch and I insist as much as I can on to write to the relatives in Holland.
Gerrit don't have time, so he said Jaantje and I have to help Sadie [Sijtsche].
The first few months I stayed in Redlands because I could not leave everything there to strangers.
Some of the children didn't like me to live there on my own but it could not be done in another way.
Now we've sold everything there and I came in Ripon.
But the finances don't allow me to live alone or  independently.
All the money that we got for the farm and also the money we had in the bank etc. Gerrit needs for taxes and everything has to be heard in court.
Gerrit didn't render an account to us yet, I hope to write about that later on.
They also declarated the properties much too high.
Gerrit and Thies [Thijs] were mistaken about it, may be because of that everything has to be paid now, I think so.
Then I was still in Redlands, when everything is arranged I hope to write you so.
Become a lot of greetings from all of us, your sister Boukje.

[At the left side of the page is written] Ytje also can [write] Dutch, I will urge her to write too.

Modesto, Calif. July 6, 1932.
Dear Uncle and Aunt,

Mother and Sadie [Sijtsche] tell me I have to write to.
I shrink from the difficulty.
I cannot write Dutch well.
It will be spelled wrong now and then.
I hope Aunt will get ready [to read it?].
When father and mother lived in Redlands I also wrote Dutch, and I thought they would understand it, even it was expressed a bit clumsy.
Now they think Aunt also can understand it. I hope so.
I also think it is hard to write someone you don't know personally, but I'll tell you about my baby.
She is 2½ years now. Her name is Adriana Mae.
She is not talking much but also started.
It won't be long now before I'll send you a small picture, this is how we say it in English, then Aunt can tell who she looks like.
We are married for 4 years now and live on 40 acres land, 7 miles from Ripon and 10 miles from Thies and Sadie.
G[eertje] lives on the other side, 8 or 10 miles from us.
Now we milk 15 cows and there are also 3 heifers and the pasture.
We also have 680 hens, 380 of it are old hens and 300 are just 4 months old.
In 3 months they will start to lay.
Butterfat is 17½ cents now.
(eieren) Eggs 14 cents a dozen.
Two years ago butterfat was 50 cents and eggs 35 cents.
These are hard times, but we cannot complain, we have plenty food and also plenty clothes.
Now I have to stop. It is bed time.
Please will Uncle and Aunt write me too? With kisses from
Dick + Jennie + Baby.  [Jaantje became Jennie.]
P.S. When the ship with gold comes, we'll come over [to Holland].

Ripon, June 26, 1932.
Dear Uncle and Aunt,

It is about time that we write to Uncle and Aunt.
Uncle and Aunt will say to each other: it goes the old way.
I have to say honestly that it is not good by us.
I intended to write soon after your last letter.
We all are healthy and hope the same for you.
Yes, Uncle and Aunt we also got another little girl, so now we have 5 girls.
June 17 she was 2 months old.
She weighed  10 pounds.
Yes she nearly came on our [meant is my] birthday.
April 16 is our birthday and she on April 17.
She is named after father and Aunt: Clara, so I should have written that before.
Do and Ytje got a son on Dec. 22, he is a little fatty. He is named after Do's father: Dirk.
Mother is back in Ripon, she came here in March.
She lives with Dick and Jennie and on Sunday mother is mostly with us.
I'll try to answer Uncle's questions, as well as I can, because Gerrit has no time to write this time.
Here it is working all the time and in the evening to read some in the paper and then to bed.
At half past four the day begins.
Yes, Roelof is also married, that is already a year ago now on May 7th.
Her name is Hannie Woudstra, she is a very nice girl.
They live here half a mile from us on fathers place.
The husbands of Ytje and Jaantje are brothers and they also come from Holland but were born here and Roelof 's wife too.
Thies his wife comes from Zwolle [NL].
They have a son, he was 2 years old on May 5th.
The butterfat is here only 18 cents and the eggs 14 [ a dozen].
The hay is 6 to 7 dollars a ton.
The farmers here don't make a lot [of money].
We milk 15 cows and I always help the boss [her husband] milking in the morning and the evening, mostly 9 cows.
Yes Aunt, I am always very busy, last week I canned 50 quarts [ ¼ gallon or 0,9436 liter] apricots and this week I have to can another 50 quarts and I also canned 25 quarts [with] beets.
And soon the peaches will come and the beans.
We like them rather [this way] and they also can [be preserved] in salt but that is more work.
The proverb says: the one who likes to be beautiful must have pain and so it is with food too: the one who likes to eat nice has to do labor.
We grow our own vegetables.
I like to thank Uncle and Aunt for the portrait and I'll send you one of mother and me.
At the moment I don't have another one and mother also has one of the 4 girls, she will send it and I hope to send a picture of all of us next time.
I cannot force Gerrit on it, just like father.
We don't have a camera ourselves to make portraits, but I can borrow one from my sister in law, but most of the time it is forgotten.
Well Uncle and Aunt, I'll stop and hope that you may receive this letter in health and that we not have to wait for an answer as long as you did.
Greetings from all of us, your loving nephew and niece,
Mr. G.H. Schaapman, Ripon, Calif.