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Sjouke Hoogland, Hubbard Wood (Illinois)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, Leeuwarden

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 58.
S. Hoogland to Mr. S.J. Hoogland and wife.

Hubbard Woods [Illinois]  July 21, 1926.
Dear Uncle and Aunt,

Well do you think Sjouke forgets us? I don't do that yet!
But it is difficult to write always on time.
At first wish [crossed out] I congratulate you Aunt with your birthday and also Sjoukom.
It is a bit late but better late than never.
Now I have to do it by letter but soon I hope to do it verbally.
As you may be already have heard I am planning to come home in Sept[ember] and will visit you then at the Spanjaardslaan.
Well, let me write you now something about Am[erica].
After we had a fairly cool Spring, everyone complaining about the cold, now heat began and now it is complaints again.
Last three days we had temperatures of 94°, 95° and 96°.
But just now we had a little shower with a fresh breeze, so everything feels fresh now.
You see, here around Chicago, with Lake Michigan, the air is vaporous and then you feel cold and heat a lot better.
In Friesland [Frisia] it is more worse but the differences in scenery are not that big.
During the heat many people in Chicago sleep in the parks.
Between those towering houses the heat is unbearable.
Last Sunday I was in Ringling Brothers circus.
There you can see something!
Rope dancers, contortionists, acrobats and a lot more.
Too much to tell, but not much wild animals, I heard someone say that it is forbidden by law, but  I doubt if that is true.
A few weeks ago I went to the church, to the one and only Mennonite church in Chicago.
It is just a small church, the one in Oude Bildrzijl is much larger.
Some people cover quite a distance to get there.
One person lived 200 miles from it and it took him about 5 hours with a car to get there.
During the prayers they all went down on their knees between the pews.
They liked to keep me there all day, but I thought that the morning was enough for me.
Again hearty congratulated, see you soon, your nephew Sjouke.