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Sjouke Hoogland, Lake Forest (Illinois)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 56.
S. Hoogland to the Hoogland family.

Box 436 Lake Forest Ill. Aug[ust] 16, 1925.
Dear Uncle and Aunt.

People call birthdays milestones on the path of life.
Soon, Sjoukom you'll meet such a milestone on your path of life, as far as I know some after the 60th.
I congratulate you Sjoukom and Aunt also heartily with your birthday and hope that you both may celebrate this day in health.
The messages I got from Friesland tell me that you are recovering even it goes slowly.
I am still well here.
Sometimes I am a little warm when the temperature comes over the 90°, but after some days it gets a bit cooler.
The millionaire family here seem to get a little hot too.
At the end of this week they'll go to Europe, to Spain and Italy.
If it is cooler there that will be the  question.
When people have money than they do wonders and otherwise it is thunders.
The grain farmers around here are busy with threshing of rye, oats and barley.
Here in this area there is a good crop after people tell, in spite of the hot Summer.
They [the farmers] had the luck, that during the ripening period the temperatures came almost not over the 80° F, so it didn't scorch to death.
With you the question will have arose which kinds of live-stock we have here in the area.
Around here it are mostly Guernsey's.
There are all kinds of live-stock here in America.
As milk cattle the most seen are the Jersey's, Guernsey's, Friesch [Frisian],  Ayrshires and others.
In Illinois most seen are Guernsey's.
That they don't have Frisians here is because the law demands that there has to be 3,25% fat in the milk.
Most of the Frisian cows couldn't get that and the farmers could not sell the milk, so they had to change their breed of cattle.
In a number of Frisians there is also mixed blood.
What they also have against Frisian breed is that it is weaker than the other kinds, they often suffer of tuberculosis.
In Wisconsin you can find more  of the Frisian breed, they make a lot of cheese and dry the milk.
When on a certain place foot-and-mouth disease breaks out, they immediately apply the killing system.
It happens not as often as in the Netherlands.
However it was last year in Texas.
I believe they compensate the farmers for the killed animals, but for all the same premium/compensation.
Wisconsin is the State where a lot of cattle breeding is.
In Illinois they raise more corn.
In Minnesota the wheat.
It is already near 11 o'clock, so I'll stop.
Again hearty congratulations, also for your children.
Greetings from your nephew Sjouke.