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Sjouke Hoogland, Lake Forest (Illinois)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 55.
S. Hoogland to Mr. And Mrs. S.J. Hoogland.

Box 436 Lake Forest Ill[inois] June 27, [19]25.
Dear Uncle and Aunt,

When I yesterday looked in my pocket dictionary I found Aunt's birthday on July 7 and with this Hearty congratulations and also Sjouk-om.
For sure this letter will be too late, but therefor it is not meant less.
Hoping that you may celebrate this day with good prospects concerning Sjoukom.
After father [crossed out] Heit [which is Frisian for father] wrote, Sjoukom was recovering slowly but steady.
Even when it goes slowly, it goes in the right direction.
I am still well too.
My mate is going to leave me on July 1st, he is following his wife to Denver.
He was rightly a friend, but there will come someone in his place and in any case his friend will be still here in Lake Forest.
The weather here is in the opposite of last year, always.
Here, on a recently laid out country seat a lot of new planted trees died because of the moist and now, this Spring, because of the drought.
Besides, they also were planted too late.
Our neighbor went to central Illinois and said that the corn, which was sown in well tilled soil, was less than half the height of the corn in unplowed soil. Reason drought.
I do not think I believe it..
I should say myself quite the contrary.
That area is named here “the corn belt” and is connected with Iowa.
Here most of the corn is grown in the U.S. And you almost see there nothing else but corn.
Year in year out in the same soil.
In growing/raising corn you can make money.
This area is [situated] S[outh] of Chicago.
North and more connected to Wisconsin you can find more dairy.
The most popular/favored hay or kind of grass here is Lucerne, here always named Alfalfa.
In Friesland [Frisia] I have heard about it but never seen it.
Here they boast on it, that it is the one and only on which one can fatten live-stock, without other feed.
It is a kind of clover and there is no other plant having such a large root system and is fixing so many nitrogen in the soil.
Writing especially for you aunt, I notice that I wrote more for Sjoukom, but I  now will try to write some for you.
Housewives here have it more easy than at the other side of the  ocean, except the farmers wives.
Here they have an electric washing machine, an electric brush [he meant a vacuum cleaner] and electric iron.
If they don't have electricity, they have a petrol engine of 2 to 4 H.P. for the washing machine.
With the gas they have plenty hot water in no time.
The [food on] the table however gives us more choices.
Because sometimes we have 3 dishes[ crossed out] kinds of vegetables and always a desert.
So the food is excellent.
I just don't see [get] much milk, so it is not bad after all.
Hoping that you may commemorate this day in pleasure, with a recovering Sjoukom, is the wish of your nephew Sjouke.