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Sjouke Hoogland, Lake Forest (Illinois)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 53.
S. Hoogland to the Hoogland family.

Lake Forest Dec[ember] 15, [19]24.
Dear uncle and aunt,

At the beginning of the new year, I wish you hearty congratulations [crossed out] a happy New Year [19]25 and that many others may come.
Also thank you very much for the letter on my  birthday.
You asked aunt, if there are also Mennonites in the neighborhood?
Well, I believe, that they are somewhere in Iowa, but I cannot tell you where exactly, I never heard about them in this neighborhood.
I never have been to that farmer, it is a bit difficult to get there but I found an advertising paper from/about him with the produce of some of his cows.
Number 1 cow         in 7 days                                 in 365 days
12 kilograms butter                420 kg butter
230 kg milk                            9000 kg milk
number 2  cow        13½ kg butter                         400 kg butter
280 kg milk                            9050 kg milk
number 3  cow         13 kg butter                           395 kg butter
280 kg milk                            10,000 kg milk
Above there are some and I liberally calculated them into kilograms.
On the paper everything is in pounds, but here in America a pound is less than in the old country, but I took that into account.
On the same paper is also told that the most expensive cow ever in America was sold for
$ 30,000,--.
This is a big sum isn't it, it is worth the trouble to sell such one's.
As far as I  know  a farmer here gets a bout 4 American cents for the milk and here in Chicago the consumers pay 12 American cents.
The lactation period here is always a full year and is verified/controlled by the State.
But when they let such a cow go over [ a year without having a calf], than it will give more regularly than when she is a calf, but I don't know if they do so.  
Last time it is always freezing at night here.
Last week it was freezing 23° F., which is about 12° C., if it becomes not colder it will be all right but with New Year it will become colder, I guess.
People tell that it feels terribly cold here, because of the humidity of the air in the neighborhood of Lake Michigan.
In Canada the temperatures in Winter time should even go to -30° and -40° F., but that should feel twice as cold as here with -10° to -20° F.
Again a happy New Year, your nephew Sjouke.