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Klaas Schuiling, Redlands (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 52.
K. Schuiling to Hoogland family.

Redlands Dec[ember] 3, 1924.
Mr. S. Hoogland, Dear relatives,

I was very surprised to get a letter from you on my birthday.
I was not at home, but in Ripon with the children.
As you'll know Thijs is there on a 20 acres dairy farm, or 20 acres Alfalfa [ Latin name: Medicago sativa], he milks 17 cows.
Till now he was there alone and had to do his own cooking and bed making, but the other day we got a letter from him that he wanted to get married.
However there was no house on his place.
Thijs had a few rooms in the barn, but you cannot ask a young woman to live there too.
That's why I went there for some days, to help build a house.
It has to be ready this month, and then he immediately will get onto Hyman's boat with a Dutch girl Anna Meulink.
I believe [she is] a good girl and her parents are very simple people.
With Gerrit and Sijtsche everything is fine too.
Ytje is still a teacher in Denver.
Roelof is helping me, Jenie [Jaantje] and Geertje still go to school.
And now something about California.
It is true, there is a lot of bad land in Calif[ornia] but also a lot of good land, especially when it is irrigated.
Calif[ornia] is, except one, the largest State of all States of the United States of America.
I'll see how much square miles it is.
The Netherlands 12,562 [and] Calif[ornia] 158,297 so almost 12½ times as large as the Netherlands.
So I think no wonder that you also find some bad land in it.
That we have to irrigate a lot here is also true because California has a very dry climate, especially in the south, but that is also why it is so famous for its nice climate.
The sun is always shining here and also extraordinary nice roads so that Calif[ornia] always is full of tourists or travelers and thus Calif[ornia] also becomes a higher population in the last years.
That the United States is closing its borders for emigrants, I don't like that too, but it is also caused by the lots of people who come to it, like you wrote, who are not good.
Then also a lot of people come who earn a lot of money here and then get back to the old fatherland with that money.
I[t] also don't pay for America [America is not having interest of it.], for those they should like to close the door.
So there are truly good reasons to stop those people and then the good one's have to pay for the bad one's, isn't it?
There are also many who work under the rate of wages which causes dissatisfaction with the working people here.
And that is taken into consideration too of course.
That people here, at some places, have little stoves near the trees because of the night frost is also true.
But when it is raining people are not burning petroleum in it but a kind of oil which remains as the petroleum is drawn out of it [kerosene].
Petroleum cost 16 to 18 cents a gallon and that other oil 5 or 6 cents a gallon I believe.
This is a good medium but therefor it cost quite a lot of money.
We don't have them [the stoves].
It would cost us at least 2000 dollars for our ten acres to do so in a good way.
Besides it is a lot of work every year, if it should freeze here every year we had to do so of course, but here where we live it is an exception.
In 1913 it was freezing here and then it was 25 years ago and in 1921[ it was freezing] again.
That is why a lot [of people] say it is not worth to put in so much money and work in it.
But nevertheless last years there is no money in raising oranges, the prices are too low to the rate of expenses.
If I could make the same as I paid [for it] I should sell it immediately.
But to sell with a loss feels so bad, however I sometimes think it would be better.
This year we had very little rain and also during this Fall, so we are still irrigating because the leaves don't fall from the trees here just like in Holland.
And at the moment the trees hang full with fruits, I guess you should be surprised if you should spend a Winter here, we already get used to it.
But when we hear how cold it is and how much snow falls in other States, we cannot help we say: how is it possible.
One has to see Calif[ornia] first to believe how beautiful it is.
Well I ran out of news, I hope that you may receive this letter in health.
Hearty greetings from all of us.
[Klaas Schuiling].