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Sjouke Hoogland, Lake Forest (Illinois)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 47.
S. Hoogland [Sjouke, son of Jentjes] to Hoogland family.

Lake forest[ Illinois] April 26, 1925.
Dear Uncle and Aunt,

About over a month ago, maybe a little longer, I got a message from Father, about Sjouk-om's [Frisian for uncle Sjouke] illness.
I got the message with mothers illness, so it came unexpected.
Happily that you both are recovering. However [crossed out] Actually I should have written immediately, but unfortunately I didn't do it and therefor I wish to apologize now.
However the doctor will prescribe a quiet life, you can have many years of a pleasant evening of life after many years of work.
It is to be hoped. I am well too.
As you will have heard, I returned to Lake Forest, where I after all have it the best.
I got a Dutch boy as a mate here.
He is 24 years and a nice friend for me.
His friend is also somewhere in Lake Forest, also on a great country place, but he could have had  better luck.
His boss is not a good man to work for and quite a 'tightwad' [slow payer].
Those both boys studied at the horticultural college in Frederiksoord (Friesland) [this is wrong, Frederiksoord is situated in the province Drenthe].
My mate's friend has bought a Ford, so they will drive in the country with it this Summer., that is more companionable.
At the moment it is in the end of April and the trees start to get buds[crossed out] leaves.
April was very mild and dry here, a very big difference with last year.
Then it was the opposite, cold and rainy.
The beginning of April was quite wet in Friesland wasn't it? Father wrote that.
The farmers here were not late this Spring.
Many of them had most of their oats already sown on April 1st.
About planting corn they always do that much later, Jan always sowed it early June.
They do it so late because the corn absolutely [crossed out] cannot stand frost and when it is a bit [crossed out] cold during the germinating there is a chance it becomes rotten.
I wrote quite a lot about agriculture now because I trust that Sjouk-om is already [crossed out] already recovered so far, that he can read this letter.
Sharing Aunt's concerns, I hope Sjouk-om will recover soon.
Yours truly nephew Sjouke.