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Klaas Schuiling, Redlands (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 45.
K. Schuiling to Hoogland family.

Redlands July 21, 1922.
Dear Br[other] and S[iste]r,

We were glad to get a letter from you.
We all are healthy.
We have passed quite a fuss, because we all went to Ripon for the marriage of Sadie [daughter Sijtsche was named Sadie later on].
She was home for two weeks to sew a lot.
Her wedding-dress and petticoat etc. she bought ready made in Los Angeles.
Klaas and Jaantje and she went to Los Angeles for a day to buy everything.
I did not go with them because it is very busy in such a big city.
Well there was also no need for it because they bought such a nice proper dress, everyone in Ripon thought so too.
The six of us drove to Ripon in our car along the back roads, which is the shortest [way].
When we arrived in Ripon their house was almost finished.
Nevertheless we did not have the wedding party in their own house.
The Jaquin County school is in the opposite of their house and it is so large that we could give a reception for more wedding guests.
That school is often used for party's etc.
There is a kitchen with a stove and a large cupboard with plates, cups and saucers, everything belongs to the school, and a lot of things like a sink and a tap for water, so everything very comfortable.
On the day of the wedding all the couples were invited and the next day all the young people.
It were a pleasant 2 weeks. On our way to Ripon, during the first week, we were looking for furniture in Modeste, which is nearby Ripon.
Next day we went to Stockton, a big city at the other side of Ripon.
In a shop in Modeste she could buy everything except a washing machine and a sewing machine.
Then we selected everything but also liked to look in Stockton but we saw a lot of things there which were not as nice and proper.
So Klaas bought most of their household goods in Modeste.
They also got a lot of presents from their friends.
They have a proper house and everything neatly right.
This the wedding guests said who saw the house and the furniture.
On Friday morning we drove home along the coast, which is farther.
Here in California are just concrete or asphalt roads, even along the coast.
It is a beautiful trip along the coast, although there are a lot of mountains.
In the mountains you have to change water in your car, because the water will boil in the car.
Also gasoline you can buy in the mountains, there are gas stations.
We came home on Saturday evening at half past seven.
Well I hope we'll get another letter from you.
Ytje wrote that you visited [my] mother last year and brought her 50 guilders.
She was not at home then and she regrets it very much.
With this receive a lot of hearty greetings from your sister Boukje.

Redlands 187 W. Pioneer is our address.
Dear br[other] and S[ister],

It was a pleasant surprice that we received your letter this afternoon.
You must have written a wrong address on it because Thijs got it in Ripon, which is 350 miles from here, 1 mile is 20 minutes so about 120 hours walking or two days driving with a car.
When Sijtsche married we all drove there with the car.
Sijtsche's husband is also a farmer, they have 20 acres land there and a nice new little house with 4 rooms in it, a large stable and wind turbine and milk house [A milk house had a large tank of cold water and large cans of milk were placed in this water tank to keep the milk cool]
I think they milked 12 cows at least when they started.
Next to them Thijs has 20 acres too but not such nice buildings, but he also is not married yet.
Gerrit is a farmer's son, his father is in the Netherlands at the moment, I am sorry that I don't know his address.
But today I wrote them that they have to send you the address.
Then you can visit him or invite him to visit you.
He is a very sociable talker.
I hope you'll meet him once.
Ytje is in Colorado this Summer where she is working on a normal school for some weeks.
In September she has to go back to Denver where she is a teacher.
Jaantje is a maid now here in Redlands and Roelof is helping me because I become less [strong?]
Here we have 10 acres with fruit trees, orange apples and grape fruit, for the last one I don't know the Dutch name.
I had never seen them before I came here in Redlands.
We rent a house here and work on another 40 acres for other people..
Here in Redlands we mostly have nice weather but it can be very hot here.
I don't wear under-cloths during the Summer days so you can understand it, in Ripon it is not
as hot as here.
But it also is freezing more there.
Last Winter it was freezing here too and so seriously that the whole crop got lost, it was a very heavy blow of misfortune for Redlands, because almost nothing else than oranges are grown here.
We lost 2000 dollars in it and even this year it don't look well.
We still may not complain, we don't have a lack of anything.
And when we read what kind of problems there are in Europe we have a lot to thank for.
Well we hope to hear again from you soon.
I thought I had asked you last year if you also had some money there for B[oukje] her mother and I don't think you answered that isn't it, otherwise I have forgotten.
Be all hearty greeted from all of us.
Your brother Klaas.