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Boukje Dijkstra, Redlands (California)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 44.
Schuiling family to Hoogland family.

Redlands [California] Sept[ember] 2, 1921.
Dear b[rother] and s[ister,

This morning we sent 7 portraits of our children to you.
One for you, one for Roelof, two for Geertje's brothers and three for Boukje's relatives.
I forgot if you still have some money of us.
If yes, give it to Boukje's mother, if not let me know and I'll send you some for her.
It is quite a time a go that we heard from you.
As you will know we now are in Redlands again.
We sold the farm in Ripon with some profit and bought here 10 acres with orange t[rees] and now I work for others again with some horses for extra earnings.
We could live on our means I think, but as long as the Lord gives us health and strengths it is better to work some and I am not equal to do nothing  at all.
Thijs stayed in Ripon, he rents some land there.
Sijtsche is in Ripon too, she is with an old farmer there as a housekeeper.
In Ripon there are more young people than there are here and they also are rather in the country as in the city.
Ytje is a teacher on a Christian school in Denver, Colorado.
This Summer she was at home for three months.
Roelof and Jaantje go to school in San Bernadino, which is 10 miles from here, every morning with the tramway and home at night.
People call this school a Business College or in Hol[lands] a commercial school and Geertje goes  to school  here.
We have 5 acres with orange trees and 5 “ [ditto] with grapefruit.
The last one you won't know what it is and it is also difficult for me to describe.
It is the best that you come to see it.
During the last years a lot more people start to come to Calif[ornia], because here is such a nice climate.
These days there is a lot of unemployment here but I believe not as much as in other States.
In the eastern States it is bad, according to the papers and also the income of the farmers there is very bad, after we hear.
Also here in Calif[ornia] it is not as good as it was a few years ago, but not that bad as in other States.
The moral life here is not becoming better.
One can read in the papers every day about murder, robbery and divorce etc. etc., what will be the end of this all.
People say education will better mankind and they don't see that the world leads to perdition in fast speed.
But the Lord's decree won't fail.

[At the left side of the page is written] Be hearty greeted from all of us. K. Schuiling.

Redlands September 21, 1921.
Dear Brother in law and Sister,

Probably you'll be surprised to get a letter from us at last.
Well it is to long that we taxed your patience and we have to make a double apology.
Happily we all are very well.
This afternoon we got a letter from Sietsche [Sijtsche].
She has had a cold but is recovered now.
We are anxious to get a letter and then it is very pleasant to get a good message.
Ytje is in Denver, Colorado, as school-mistress, or teacher.
She was very happy that her time of learning ended and she could teach the children herself.
The time she was home went fast.
Thijs and Sietsche [Sijtsche] were 2 weeks at home, then it was a pleasant time.
Now it is very quiet, Roelof and Jaantje leave at seven in the morning to go to school and Geertje a quarter past eight.
The days are very quiet for me now.
In Ripon it almost was busy always, making hay and milking.
We still have 2 horses and a cow for our own use.
The cow is dry now, so I don't have to churn these days.
Baking bread and gingerbread I still do that myself.
Although they, namely the women here in Redlands, mostly buy their bread.
We find the baker's bread dry soon and there is not a lot of nourishment  in it.
Now the children take their lunch with them they also need that.
Roelof has grown a lot this year here and he also gained a lot.
Jaantje is already taller than I am, Geertje is with 10 years also a tall girl.
I am looking forward to a letter from you next month, what you think of the photo.
The dresses for the girls we buy ready made, everything becomes cheaper again here.
During the vacations they mostly wear jumpers [used is the word scholken, we don't know that word], totally closed with on the shoulder some press buttons and a waist-band/belt/sash fitting to the waist which I made myself and [I] also [make] a school-dress for Geertje.
School-dresses for Jaantje we already bought ready made.
In the Summer, during the vacation, g[eertje] prefers to walk without stockings and shoes, when she comes home in the evening she also prefers that.
Well we don't live in the city however it is part of it, it is in the suburbs.
I like living here rather than in the center of the town.
What would it be nice when you could visit us.
We were so happy when Ytje was thinking about it some time ago, however we were happy that there was no need for her, we would have been glad to have her as a guest.
Become a lot of hearty greetings with this from your sister B[oukje].

[At the left side of the page is written] If it suits your convenience, please greet my relatives.

[The address on the envelope is] K. Schuiling, 187 W. Pioneer, Redlands, Calif[ornia].