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Sijke , Crookston (Minnesota)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 42.
Sjoerd and Sijke de Jong to the Hoogland family.

Crookston MN Route I, December 12 1919.
Dear friend,

So I'll let you know that we got a letter from Lieuwe.
And that he is planning to come to America.
May be you'll know that.
Well Hoogland, he wrote me now if I could send him 40 dollars as soon as possible, that is what he is lacking Lieuwe wrote.
Now I can send that but if he takes the ship to/from Liverpool on January 7 than the money cannot be there so soon, so would you please be so kind to lend him hundred guilders?
You will get it back as soon as possible Hoogland.
Tomorrow I'll go to town and I'll send those 40 dollars away.
And if I am not allowed to send more than 20 dollars a time to one person, then I'll also send 20 dollars to my brother Eeltje and he'll give it to you.
So we'll write Eeltje immediately about it.
Well Hoogland, you know that if you lend him 100 guilders that you can be sure that you'll get them back as soon as possible.
The letters take such a long time to arrive, that we never can get those 40 dollars for Lieuwe there in such a short time.
And when it is about 100 guilders it is not a very large amount.
Well Hoogland I think you also will know that father and I are farming together now.
Here it is very different than it is in Holland.
We have all the live-stock in the barn, horses and cows.
Because we have a severe Winter, but there are many [people] around us who have the live-stock outside.
Now we have 9 horses and 7 cows and also more other things like machinery.
A new grain binder cost 250 dollars, well we have a new grain binder.
And a mowing-machine [for the grain] cost 80 or 90 dollars, we have a new one too.
But everything is so expensive.
But the one here who is willing to take care he can make some progress here.
But there are a lot of people in Holland, I believe, who think that the dollars are scooped against your door in America.
Well that is not the truth.
Next March I'll be 6 years in the U.S. Now and I know that I didn't earn the money for doing nothing.
Here there is one thing for a young one who comes from Holland, I know that from my own experience, he has to do without a lot of things at first.
So like I said Hoogland,  a person who likes to make money and progress and likes to work, he can come here.
Well I was in a lot of places since I've been in the U.S. Of America.
Well I became a citizen of America now.
I was a soldier for almost half a year.
First I was in Camp Cody, the town of  it is Demming New Mex[ico].
Then I was transported from Camp Cody to Mex[ico] El Passo, Fort Bliss [El Passo is in Texas on the border with Mexico].
There we were close by the mountains and it was a warm area.
They never had Winter there.
Our camp there was about 5 miles from town, almost an hour to walk.
But there was no need for us to walk.
I was with the truck-drivers there, motor group 401 was my Company.
We got very good food.
It took us 4 days and 3 nights from that camp to our own town Crookston.
So I've seen a lot of the world here.
And then one learns a lot.
Well more news I don't know and I hope that you may receive this letter in health.
So be hearty greeted from your friend Sjoerd De Young.
Now I expect a letter from you soon Hoogland.
I never got an answer on the other letter. Good bye.

Crookston, Dec[ember] 12.
Dear friends,

Well Sj[oerd] wrote you and I'll write some too.
I should have done it before but [I am] always busy because I have the little girl of Tj[altje] [with me].
I was very happy about that, now I  know  that [she] is having a good time.
She looks very much like Tj[altje].
Oh she always calls me 'mem' [Frisian for mother] and sometimes I cry about those 2 grown up children Mrs. [Hoogland], because Janke has to earn bread for both her children [on her own] and Harm is alone, he misses everything.
It is over a year ago now with Tj[altje] [that she died] and what would he [Harm, her husband] be aided by that little girl [their daughter] but she is quite energetic.
And she also is not tidy yet but I'll bear that patiently if she just may be healthy.
We also have Tj[altje]'s furniture, that was another heartache for me because H[arm] could not keep it.
Well how is Ytje doing, is she already recovered and how are Joh[annes] and Janne and Jentje Jetsche.
I also hope to write to Jaantje soon.
We have a severe Winter and we have a lot of snow, I don't like that very much.
We all are healthy and hope that this letter may find you healthy too.
I include a postcard with Tj[altje] her little girl on it but G. is also on it, otherwise we couldn't get her on it.
Be greeted from Jan and Sijke.
Later on more.