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Klaas Schuiling, Manhattan (Montana)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 4.
From the Schuiling family to the Hoogland family.

Manhattan Montana,

Dear br[other] and s[ister],
It is about time that we write again, I planned to do so since a long time but every time there was some kind of delay.
But now it is raining so it’s an appropriate opportunity.
I also can tell you that we already  have our wheat in bags on the fields
The threshing is done.
We were threshing on August 31st and had 1036 ½ bushels of wheat and 13 bushels linseed.
I am very satisfied with [the number] of our bushels and when the prices will improve then we’ll have enough reasons to thank this year, but payment won’t go I think.
Well Sjouke things are coming about so much quicker here than with you, we were threshing during 7 hours and 35 minutes, then all the wheat was clean (not as clean as yours) and in bags on the field and also the straw on a heap or a stack.
I had to pay 17 men each 1 dollar 55 cents, they earned 20 cents an hour and we counted 7 hours and 3 quarters of an hour; the other people, those who had horses and wagons (there were 10 wagons each drawn with two horses), I’ll help with them myself so I don’t have to pay them.
I think I’ll get some money from them because some of them use more land than we do, so it takes more time.
Some of our neighbors also came without horse and wagon because I already had [horses and wagons] enough of them, so I have to help them either of course.

[upside down on first page written by Geertje] How is father doing?
How nice should it be to have a br[other] or sister as a neighbor Klaaske.
I have to clean the house but will wait till the midges are gone, everything is black with midges.

We don’t calculate the horses and wagons among each other, I think that is not good because that’s an advantage to bigger farmers but of course I cannot lay down the laws on my own.
As threshing wage for the machine I have to pay 1 ½ cent per bushel.
Now you can figure out what everything will cost me.
The food for the men and horse fodder are extra costs but they have to fodder my horses at their turn.
I think you’ll have higher costs isn’t it.
The Dutch people who came here at first have their own machine together which is much cheaper and they also need 12 men less for the work and are as quick as we are.
Now something else, if everything goes well Mr. Koning becomes a father before the end of this year.
Sjouke last year I wrote you once if you should like to ask if it was possible that I can pay the life insurance on December 1st instead of November 8.
You answered that the agency told you that it was a possibility but that they had to consult the director.
What he told about it you didn’t write yet, please be so kind to let me know as soon as possible at least when I have to pay on November 8 and also the right amount, including father’s because I forgot.
Now the paper is filled and I have no more news.
Kindest regards to all of you, your brother Klaas.

Dear br[other] and s[ister]!
I’ll write you some, but I am almost not able to do so, so it won’t be a lot Klaaske.
I cannot say I am ill but this morning I had to go at the back [toilet] for many times, which makes one miserable isn’t it?
This afternoon I felt well and did the laundry and directly after it again to the back and now things are going wrong again.
Headache and I believe sometimes even fever.
And now I drank half a glass of brandy, now I see stars for my eyes.
Recently Klaas came home from Mr. Koning with a little bottle full of brandy, then I also was not well for one day.
Previously it always was my remedy and it also helped me then.
Thijs is doing well most of the time but he is also not free of diarrhoea  and complains about a pain in his body.
These days we are a little afraid because there is an odd illness among adults and children. 
The physicians told that there will be more people ill.
It is caused by the bad water in the ditches during an uncommonly hot Summer.
Klaaske are you fully recovered now, we hope so, it is horrible to be so far from each other isn’t it?
One is not able to look after the other.
Klaas wrote something about Koning but don’t talk about it please!
Sophie told me she should write about it to Holland when she has been confined.
I don’t want things become known by us, but Klaas is such a blabber sometimes isn’t he?
Well Sjouke and Klaaske I have to tell you that Klaas lets grow his moustache and beard, so now he looks just like Roelof, I think, and it starts to curl now you hardly should recognize him.
I don’t have more news, every day is the same here, working every day and to the church on Sunday.
I have to look after Thijs, he can run away easily.
Dearest greetings from your sister Geertje and Th[ijs].
Greetings to the relatives.