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Tjaltje de Jong,


Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 39.
Tjaltje de Jong to the Hoogland family.

[Route I Minnesota August 1916]
Dear Mrs. [Hoogland] and F[armer] and Y[tje],

Well I am still healthy and hope the same for you.
Well I thought the farmer his birthday is in September, so I'll remember it better than with the Mrs., which I regretted very much too, but that won't change anything, next year [I have to] remember it better.
So I congratulate the farmer with his birthday and hope that he'll get a lot more of it [years to live on] and that you may celebrate it in a pleasant way.
Well Y[tje] you wrote that I was celebrating my first birthday in America, but it is true time goes fast because it is August now and I already have been here for half a year.
Well Y[tje] were you already gathering red currants or are you still waiting for me, but I should not do that because it will last too long.
But if you like to send me some I should like that just [I should] like [you to send me] the apples and pears.
This week here we gathered black berries they look like raspberries but in black.
They cook them with water and then they put them into bottles as a sauce, most of the time we get that in the evening after dinner.
Did you also have a lot of raspberries this year?
Well I think that when you get this letter you may be have been to Apeldoorn, so you have to tell me all about it.
Last Friday night I could have gone to a party with the Mrs. Here, but Kl[aasje] didn't want to go so I didn't go too because I cannot speak [English] well yet.
When I go to school next Winter I don't have to depend on any other person.
Well Y[tje] how is Sjoukje Bierma doing, is she still studying?
She almost must have learned for two years just like we said every Saturday to each other a short time ago.
Sj[oerd?] was already four weeks off and G[aatsche?] seven weeks and now I am here too.
How is Johannes doing, is he coming home soon?
Then Janne will also visit you soon, I always found her a nice girl.
You also wrote that Jakob was learning to ride on a bicycle, does he now has one of himself or not? And is Min also working on the fields and how is Siebe van Gelder, is he ready to work again, I never hear M. about that.
I got both that girls on a postcard but they are grown now.
You also became a new false plait.
Do you have your hair in the same way as when I was still there?
Here they have mostly a parting and then in the back [of the head] 3 rolls next to each other.
Well Y[tje] I don't know news just like you, because I don't know the people yet.
At the other side of the page I will write some words how they name things here.
erften [erwten]                they name                       pies [peas]
boontjes                              “      “                           biens [beans]
zandrapen                           “      “                           treunebs [turnips]
kool                                    “      “                           kebberts [cabbage]
bloemkool                          “      “                           flouwerkol [cauliflower]
wortels                                “     “                           kerrits [carrots]
appels                                 “      “                           eppels [apples]
kruisbeien [kruisbessen]    “      “                           groesberries [gooseberries]
aardbeien                            “     “                           strooberries [strawberries]
rebarber [rabarber]            “    “                             peiplent [rhubarb or pie-plant?]
Well Y[tje] at the moment I don't know more of it and if I also write to your M[other] than I have to hurry because it is almost 5 o'clock and at 6 o'clock supper has to be ready.
In this I'll send you a handkerchief, it is not a very nice one but there were no others at the moment.
Please write the news because things are going odd with you with Rikje Ferwerda.
Greetings again from your friend T. de Jong.  goed baai [good bye].
If you think of it you have to send me a piece of material of your mothers blouse.

[At the right side of the page is written] Well Y. I have another postcard left, if Janna is interested in it she can get it, you have to write me about that once. Goed neit [good night].

[Upside down on top of the paper is written] Now I also have my new tooth, a golden molar, so G[aatsche?] and Kl[aasje?] say that I have changed a lot with that new tooth, you have to come and see.

Well Mrs.[ Hoogland] now also some lines for you.
I am so sorry that I didn't sent you a letter at your birthday but the reason was that I came on a postcard myself and it lasted so long before they were ready, but I didn't forget it!
How are your eyes now, are they already recovered?
Sometimes it is if I am still with you there, the way I can remember everything but the work here goes different as there.
Is that carpet still lying in the kitchen and is the little coffee-can still sound or is it broken?
Here they let the coffee cook and now the carpenters are here we put an egg in it.
Five spoons of coffee and an egg and then just like that old coffee-can filled up, not that big one from the cellar but the brown one, well that tastes good.
Last year sometimes we said we never can understand [to do] the laundry in the cellar but there is no stone floor in it just like in Holland, it is a floor of mud.
Do you also have a washing machine or don't you, well I am content with it and I think that when you have one that you also are content with it.
Here most of the time we wash on Monday and everything becomes dry too.
The sheets and the pillow slips come on the bed again immediately.
And [we do the] ironing on Tuesday. Here I always have a lot to iron.
Tuesday morning at 8 I start and at 11 I stop, this morning I also started at 8 and finished the ironing at 11 o'clock.
First I felt strange about the sleeve-board, you always laughed about that but I should have taken it with me. Or is Antje using it too?
Today Mrs. Is to the 'suskul' [social?] which is just like a big visit in Holland.
But here they have it during the Summer days once a month and just for the women and during the Winter days once in the two weeks and then men and women.
Now my paper is full and because I include a handkerchief for Y[tje] in it I don't dare to write more.
Greetings from T. de Jong especially to Johannes and Janne.

[On the envelope is written]
T. de Jong
arti John Perri
Route I Minnesota
North America

[This letter is written in an extremely bad kind of  Dutch. She almost didn't use punctuation marks. It was hard to understand what she meant sometimes]