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Cornelis (Casej) Bosje (Bush), Woodworth (South Dakota)

Johan Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 38.
Cornelis Bosje also named Casey Bush to Johannnes Hoogland. [Son of S.J. Hoogland]

[On top of the letter is written] Casey is a good boy.

Woodworth N. Dakota November 7 1915.
Dear friend,

At last I took my pencil to write you some characters.
I would have done it before but it always remained in the intention, but today it is rainy so I thought better late than not.
Well you must be a soldier now, isn't it?
I think you don't like that isn't it?
Well I guess it soon will start to freeze here.
Here there is not a lot ploughed, it was a bit cold this year.
The other day we had rain for 2 weeks.
Otherwise it was a good year here, this year.
They had indeed 25 bushels wheat from one acre, which is about a “Pondenmaat”[old Frisian superficial measure: 0,3678 hectare].
Well how much a bushel is you will know, at least you went to school long enough ha,ha.
My father was working with the threshing machine for about forty days for 3½ dollars a day.
Maybe it is hard to believe for you but it is the truth.
I worked 12 days with it myself, then I had a quarrel and stopped, but oh, one can get plenty of work when one likes to work.
Well this Winter I am not going to break [hemp or flax], I tried to get flax, so if your father has a lot of  it he can bring [me] a load. Well that is just small talk.
Now I like to ask you something: did Sjoerd de Jong and Klaasje also just go to America or are they still [living] at the N[ieuwe] B[ildt] D[ijk].
Well Johannnes I don't know much news, you have to write back soon.
Winter is coming and then I have more time yo write.
Well this Winter I'll go to Wisconsin to see my relatives.
I'll stop now.
Well I wish you luck, I hope that war will be over soon than you can stay home again to plow.
Well at the place I work there is a girl who wrote a line in English. [On top of this letter]
May be you can read it.
Well this will be all.
Be greeted from your friend Cornilis Bosje, Woodworth N. Dakota.
My address is Casey Bush,
New Rochford N. Dak[ota].
Box 492.