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Sjoerd (Sam) de (de) Jong (Joung), Crookston (Minnesota)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 37.
From De Young family [Sjoerd de Jong] to the Hoogland family.

Crookston MN May 13th 1915.
Dear friend and family,

I took my pen once more to write you some letters [of the alphabet].
It is already quite a time ago that I wrote you my second letter.
So I hope, [Mr.] Hoogland, that this letter may find you all in health.
Now I've been here over a year. Time goes fast.
It seems like such a short time ago that Johannes took us to the train.
But that period has gone: who could have thought that everything should go like it did.
I am glad to be here, Hoogland.
Otherwise I maybe had to go in the army too, happily that didn't happen.
Coming here did not meet my expectations but the best is to write that not immediately , first one has to be here for some years.
Well I am a few weeks [working] with my new farmer and now I like it here.
I earn 25 dollars a month and during the harvest time I'll get 30 [dollars] he told me, we'll see.
Since I came here I always have always done the milking. I didn't forget that yet.
On Sunday morning when my boss gets up, I have already done [the chores], which is, milking 7 cows, muck out [the stable] and curry 6 horses.
We get up here at 5 in the morning, then we go to the barn, we come home at 6 for breakfast and at about 7 we go to the fields, at 12 o'clock it is dinnertime and at 1 p.m. [we go] again to the field, at 4 o'clock we eat lunch.
One doesn't have that with the English [farmers] but these [people] are Norwegians and with them everyone gets a lunch. And also with the Germans.
Well Hoogland, I cannot understand them when they talk Norwegian during the meals, which is inconvenient, but they talk English to me.
Today I planted potatoes but not like you do it in Holland.
No, I had 2 horses to do it, young one's too, one of  2 [years old] and one of 3 [years old].
That is actually my life, to work with horses.
One becomes experienced here because one is always handling with it.
This farmer has 6 working horses, 3 young one's and one pony.
Well with that [pony] I'll go to Johannnes and Gaatsche next Sunday, in front of a nice little cart.
If I should drive with that along the Nieuwe Bildt Dijk you all should laugh for 2 days.
The pony is fatter than a rabbit, he almost can eat with it from the rack ….... but nevertheless that will hinder no one here.
I live about 10 or 11 miles from J.[and] G., one mile is 20 minutes to go so you can figure it out yourself.
I live about 2 ½ miles from N. Dakota.
The border that is the river and at each side there stand as many trees as in Rienk Wassenaar his windscreen. And it is as wide, one mile, that one cannot see anything from the other side of the border because of all those trees.
But I find it nice here in the Summertime.
Well Jop  Kramer is here again.
I already talked to him, he is smart guy.
And he is ready for America, no one better than he, I can tell you that.
He knows everything, the language and the work.
Jop is not drinking any longer which is a  blessing.
I will be happy when Crookston becomes dry, they are working on it now.
Here they say it will be dry in another 4 or 5 months.
That little town will be looked up then because it is a big tipplers [drinkers] pack there now.
When one is drinking beer or whiskey here one cannot save a cent.
Well that will be all and now I also like to write about the money.
As soon as I can get it from the Bank I'll send it Hoogland and it will be the last term [?].
So you have to be patient for a while, I cannot help it. The money is in the right place.
Well Mrs. [Hoogland] there is a lot of commotion around me: 9 children.
The oldest is 18 years and then one of 15 years with the girls and a little one of 8 years old. And 6 boys, the oldest is 13 years old, he is sitting on the plow now.
Well be hearty greeted from your friend Sam De Young.
Especially greet my father and mother .

[At the right marginal line of the page is written] I did not write very nice now but I think you also can read it.