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Gaatske de Jong, Crookston (Minnesota)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 34.
Johannes and Gaatske ….............. to Hoogland family.

Crookston, [Minnesota] April 30.
Dear friends,

Well Mr. And Mrs. Hoogland, hearty congratulations for the 25th anniversary of your marriage and I hope that you may get many years more in health and prosperity.
What will it be a feast with you there.
Well Sjoerd and Klaasje like it very much here.
Kl[aasje] lives near me and Sj[oerd] works with this farmer too, which is nice for Sj[oerd], because Johannes can teach him a lot, because at first one cannot understand one word which is difficult for both sides as well for the farmer as for one selves.
I begin to learn it a bit, because I visit Klaasje often, sometimes it sounds a bit strange but that will become better of itself.
Johannes is so far that he can understand everything and is able to manage himself with the talking.
That is a delight because these are such nice people but we will learn it.
Klaasje hears nothing else [than English], she earns 3 dollars a week and Sj[oerd] I don't know I guess 25 [dollars] a month.
Well Mrs. I have that garment of yours on the table and it looks nice.
I would like it when Ytje and you could see it here.
I have 6 rooms here, one I use as a bedroom, one as a living, one as kitchen and the others are empty, just upstairs another one as a bedroom.
There are 4 rooms downstairs and 2 upstairs.
Houses here are inside as nice as in Holland.
This farmer has a fine house, which is a new house and now we live in his [old house].
At the moment the weather is not nice, last week it was warm and this morning snow was falling down which is a big difference.
Last Sunday we went, the four of us, to Rense Slijt in H., he also likes it here.
We don't live far from each other here as Hollanders.
Hette and Ymkje live most far away, six miles and 1 mile is 20 minutes to walk.
The railroad is near to the house here.
We live about an hour or one and a half from Crookston.
Kl[aasje] and Miss and I will go there this week, to buy morning dresses for Kl[aasje] because her clothes are to warm here in the summer.
It can be very hot here and in the winter terribly cold.
Now I don't know more, also hearty congratulated from Johannes.
We thank you for all the goods [cloths?] you gave us, that brown dress of Y[tje] I wear on Sundays, it is not so thick so that one will come in handy during the summer.
After a lot of greetings Johannes and Gaatske [she was writing this letter].
Well Ytje when do I get a marriage-card from you, I expect you to write a letter to us.
We have to write so much that Johannes says he once will get a wagon full of paper and stamps.


Clare [Klaasje] de Jong to the Hoogland family.

Dear friends,
Well Mr. And Mrs. Hoogland, I like to congratulate you with the 25 th anniversary of your marriage and hope that you will get another number [of years].
That will be a big party, I can understand that. What will Ytje amuse herself.
It is a little bit too far, otherwise we could hear the music here I guess.
Because of us the party could have been in February when Sj[oerd] and I were still there.
I believe here it is not like that.
Here they have a big party every 6 weeks, than a lot of people come together and everyone takes something with him, one takes food with him, another chairs and cups, so they don't have to take care of that.
When I came with this farmer for the first time then the farm-hand had such a party but I went that night to G[aatske] to sleep. Because I could not understand them.
I am pleased to be here.
I don't come back to work in Holland soon.
They don't work hard here [in the household].
Now I am here for almost 6 weeks and never [had to] clean a window.
It is the same in the living room that is to sweep and to mop up the floor, that's all.
I don't know but spring-cleaning they don't do that much here.
You'll wait till after the party, isn't it?
Well Ytje it is just something for you here, the table and the food they are most clean on.
I would you could see it here.
I can tell you that at the entire N.B.Dijk [Nieuwebildtdijk] you cannot find such a beautiful house as this [house].
It is also a new [house], 6 rooms upstairs, 4 downstairs.
Inside it looks like “sament” [cement?] and there is not a lot to clean, but they also don't do that.
First time I had to mop the floor, Miss gave me such a long stick with old remnants on it and it works! I can tell you that.
Upstairs they have 7 beds and a bathroom.
They have 5 children.
He is married for a second time, she comes from Norway, first she was house keeper.
We don't live far from Crookston, about one hour or one and a half.
Last Sunday we went to Renee and His, she also is going to accustomed, they live with R[enee] his brother which is nice for His.
Well Ytje, Tjaltje wrote me that Gerrit had hired out his love but that was not true, but he couldn't come because of the river when it is dark.
He lives a few hours from us and during the week I sometimes talk to him by phone, that goes nice.
How are things with you, is Wietse coming again to you, I never had thought so.
Things are changing there, I think.
J. Banga is going to marry which is an adventure.
P. is always ill.
Where has Wouter to go then, it had been better when Wouter should marry P., they were together for such along time.
Is Sjoerd van der Wal also going to Foppe's house?
The move starts soon, isn't it?
It is a pity for father and mother that E. and R. move to Oudebildtdijk.
Can M. get over it, I never had thought that one can be like that, especially when you are [going to] travel for ever.
Well greet V. [father] and M [mother] and Tj. And be greeted yourselves from Clare de Jong, per address arti John Tenry [?]
Crookston Route 1 Minn[esota] U.S.

Please write back soon, Tjaltje must write more than before.