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Klaas Schuiling, Manhattan (Montana)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 33.
Schuiling family to Hoogland family.

Manhattan Feb[ruary] 18, 1913.
Dear br[other in law] and s[ister].

Because we still didn't get a message [written is: because we still have a message, which looks wrong] about father, we guess that it is not getting less.
Like I wrote you last week I bought a little piece of land in California and think to go there on April 1st.
Well I really hope that you will visit us once when we will have good buildings on it again because it like exceptionally good land to me.
Of course I can better judge it when I have lived there for one year or longer, that is why I don't want to sell my farm not yet, but first see how it looks there or gives satisfaction.
Now I've to make a request to you.
The farm-hand who worked for me last year went back to Friesland, but wants to come again according to his letter but has no money.
Today I wrote him that I like to rent out my farm to him with horses and machinery for 1/3 of the profits for him and 2/3 for me.
And if he takes it he had to come to you for the traveling money.
I'll pay it back to you immediately if you will let me know how much it is, I prefer including interest.
But he must give you a signed loan agreement also signed by his father.
I think he will be married now so he maybe needs 500 guilders.
If there was not such a hurry with it, I would send the money myself but first of all I must have a message from him.
And if he don't take it I maybe couldn't find another renter in time and so I would be too late in California myself.
That's why I wrote him that he must telegraph me immediately if he takes it or not.
If you are willing to advance me the money than he can leave at once.
I don't know more news at the moment because we also wrote last week.
You also have to think of the fact that my address after April 1st will be (as nothing comes between it) K. Schuiling, Butte City, Glenn Co. California.
For now be hearty greeted from all of us, your brother Klaas.