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Thijs Schuiling, Manhattan (Montana)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 31.
Schuiling family to Hoogland family.

Manhattan Aug[ust] 23 1912.
Dear br[other] and s[ister],

At last I'll write you, I understand that you are looking forward to a letter since a long time.
During the summer we are so busy that there is almost no time left to write.
And especially this summer, because in the evening, after dinner, I often had to go round with the stallion.
Then I was sure the farmers were at home and I didn't lose much time myself.
But also these days we are very busy, in the years before we always could get grain-bags from the grain-dealers but this year we have to take care of that ourselves.
That is why we have to build another granary and we also are going to build an addition to the kitchen this summer.
Today it is Sunday morning, the air is cloudy and it looks like we'll get rain, we don't look forward to that at the moment because most of the time we'll get frost too.
The grain is still green, except for the winter-wheat.
This year we also grow peas for the first time, people started to do so last year for the first time and then it was very successful, so this year there are sown a lot of peas.
The crops look, generally, very nice here this year, so if there is no early frost coming, the harvest promises to be rich.
The children are also very well, they all are healthy and grow well.
Geertje already walks where she likes and she is always healthy, what would that have been a joy to her mother if she could have lived to see, but the Lord decided otherwise.
Ytje and Sijtsche and Thijs also wrote a little letter and now they'll write to some friends.
We received the money last week and thank you for the trouble you did for it.
At the moment it is coffee-time, the children are all playing at the garret/loft because it is raining outside.
Geertje lies in front of the grating in the loft and talks to us, here downstairs, but we cannot understand much of it yet.
Well br[other] and s[ister] especially greet father and Jaantje and R. and J.,
I will write them soon. It looks like I cannot write as well as before, may be the reason is that I don't do it enough.
Kindest regards from all of us, your brother Klaas.

Manhattan Aug[ust] 18, 1912.
Dear brother in law and sister,

We let you wait so long that I am not surprised that you expect a startling letter K[laaske].
You almost had to think that it was waiting for something.
You remember your letter well? Well it is true, we all are healthy, me too.
Although still recently married, we can be seen as calm young people.
It is also the best this way, none of the 6 can be missed but I hope there will be no more than 6, I should be dread having to it.
I have never been  ill here, not just for an hour, it looks like the climate here is very healthy for me.
Our little G[eertje] is very bright and the other children too.
These days we don't have a maid and I don't like to have a maid instead of the children's help.
They both are very handy for the work.
Ytje comes slowly but positively, Sietsche has to be attended.
She is to hasty sometimes, but think of girls that age in Holland there are not many girls who are ahead of them.
About the work, sewing etc., they here come behind although we don't sew much here.
We buy everything ready-made, it is cheaper too.
That is why I don't like to have a maid because G[eertje] is able to manage herself now.
Hearty greetings to

[At the right side of the page is written] all of you, your sister Boukje.

[At the left side of the paper is written] The children will write soon to you aunt Jaantje.

Manhattan, Montana, Aug[ust] 15, 1912.
Dear aunt Klaaske,

We let you wait for a long time but don't be angry if [meant is because] there are reasons for.
We all will write you now and then aunt will get a very thick letter.
It is still vacation-time.
I guess we'll have to school next month.
We don't have a teacher yet.
The teacher we had last year was named Ralph Stuckey, he is still here, I don't know if we'll have the same [teacher] again this winter, may be have to wait for a school teacher.
At the moment we don't have a maid and now we have to help Ma [mother].
The laundry and the ironing the three of us do.
We help with pillow-slips and towels etc. and in between [we are] nurse-girls.
Because Geertje is walking everywhere and smears her face and hair with cart-grease.
Geertje already can play with us so nicely.
Yesterday evening she brought wood and the gasoline with Jaantje and Roelof.
She has 8 teeth and 2 molars.
Our garden looks good and that is why we sometimes are busy to keep it clean.
We already have some apples at the trees. We gathered raspberries 3 times.
Uncle Sjouke must come here once to see how we make butter.
When uncle and aunt come over we'll bake cookies too.
Today I was baking cookies.
Today Trijntje Lucas is having her birthday.
Now she is 12 years old.
I have to stop now, later on I'll write aunt again.
Hearty greeted from all of us, Ytje Schuiling.

Manhattan, Montana, Aug[ust] 15, 1912.
Dear aunt Klaaske,

It is time to write to you.
The last letter we wrote to you was not send away.
Dad is busy and the letter waited till dad also wrote a letter.
We don't go to school near the church because it is 5 miles from here.
We have a new pump again and we will get a new kitchen added to the old one.
Ma likes to live in Montana.
Roelof has to learn to ride on a horse and then he'll go to the mailbox by horse.
Hearty greetings from all of us, Sietske Schuiling.



Manhattan, Mont[ana] Aug[ust] 16,1912.
Dear aunt Klaaske,

Dad is building a granary at the moment.
It will be a  large granary.
Last week we had a hail storm, which did a lot of harm at some places.
Last week I went to Belgrade to get a load of 'schengeke' [?]
Ma is in the garden.
We are going to build a new kitchen.
We can get water from taps at four places: in the kitchen, in the cellar, outside of the house and in the new kitchen.
This year we got four colts. They all grew a lot.
Next week dad will start to mow [the grain I think], which is 'zichten' [mow with a scythe] with you, with the machine.
Kind regards from your nephew Thijs Schuiling.