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Dina , Choteau (Montana)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 29.
Koning family to Hoogland family [I think].

Choteau/Chateau  Jan[uary] 10 1912 [?]
Dear uncle and aunt,

At last it comes that  I write a letter to you.
My wife has told me now and then that it was more than shameful, so actually I should start with the needed apologies but because in fact no harm is done, I'll drop that.
I simply did not have time to do it earlier and that is why it comes so late.
Nevertheless “better late than never”.
After a pretty hot summer we had a wet fall, in Aug[ust] we already had the first snow so that all our grain plants were growing and thus the quality and the quantity of the grain was badly damaged.
Moreover on the old farm we had an enormous hailstorm  just before the grain should be reaped so also a lot of grain got lost there.
Especially the oats suffered a lot from it, I guess over 2/3.
Happily I didn't have much of it.
The wheat yielded almost 3000 bushels so we don't have reasons to complain yet.
I was ill during this winter which almost never happened before.
On Dec[ember] 2nd I got a, in this area often seen, throat-disease.
After I almost had recovered I got a blood-poisoning which was caused by the disease.
From that I am recovered too now so, when it is not biting cold, I can go outside again.
Nowadays it is a severe winter, it is freezing hard and there is almost one foot snow on the plains.
After what I have heard last year they had another good year in the Gallatin Company so K. Schuiling will also have profits of that.
If you write me again I should like you to write how H. Bierma liked it here in america.
After what I heard he also visited his aunt in Iowa.
This is near the place where I used to live before.
My paper is full and my wife will also write some.
Please write back soon to your nephew Johannes.

Choteau, Jan[uary] 12 1911[?]
Dear uncle, aunt and children,

At last something from America you'll say.
Well, I often urged Johannes on to write, but he didn't have much time.
We have had a very busy summer and especially because of the bad weather we had a lot of work to do, which, otherwise was not needed.
Then Johannes was ill for about 5 weeks.
Happily he is recovered now.
I like it very much in America.
At first I sometimes looked queer because everything is so different than in Holland, especially the way of household and I just came here during the most busy time of the year, so I had some difficult days.
But happily one gets used to everything and I like the freedom of life here.
I never was homesick.
It is a pity that the weather is bad here for such a long time.
From August on we regularly have had snowstorms and it was freezing very hard.
Inside the house everything is freezing.
In the cupboard which stand near the stove the bottles are broken because of the frost.
Also the ink got its turn and I fear that you almost cannot read Johannes' letter as light as it is.
We also could not get new ink, because if it winters like this we almost are locked up and no-one is going to town to shop.
How is it in Holland these days, is it already freezing and are you already skating?
People told it was very hot last summer.
We also enjoyed the warmth, traveling from New York to here.
How are you all doing, are you still healthy and how is Ietsje [Ytje] can she already p[lay the piano well?
If we once come to Holland, we'll come and listen because here we don't hear music.
It is getting bed-time, so I have to end this letter.
Hope that you will receive this in a good health and be hearty greeted from your loving niece Dina.