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Klaas Schuiling, Manhattan (Montana)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Nederlandse transcriptie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 2.
From the Schuiling family to the Hoogland family.

Manhattan, [Montana] March 26 [1899].

Dear b[rother] and s[ister],

Today we got your letter of March 7th and I’ll write an answer at once.
Geertje’ll make the list you asked, we’ll send it with this letter.
You did the right thing paying the advertisement for us, I had forgotten.
Yes sister, it would be very nice when the Winter should become milder.
However there is still a lot of snow, this week it is thawing so we have a lot of water.
Now it is freezing again but during the afternoon the sun is warm enough to melt the snow, it goes slow but steady.
The freezing will last some time, one cannot plant potatoes here before in the middle or in the end of May.
Because of the night-frost it should be nice when the Summer should last longer but it is long enough to make money.
They cannot in Holland, isn’t it?
To make money, you have to learn that yourself by experience Geke said and that is true.
But I know for sure that a farmer who cultivated 45 acres this year was able to put out 1000 guilders at 6 per cent and he has still 900 left to live of this year, except that he has to pay for horse fodder and besides that the man build a new stable, bought a new wagon and a stove and dressed up his house, which is a good evidence.
You must not tell or think that he will be an exception, oh no, everything here testifies of improvement while with you every one is complaining till Reinder to, like John wrote me last week.
This is why I should like you to visit us unexpected because I believe that it should be better for your and your children’s future to be here than in Holland although people have to do without some of the worlds amusements here.
Nevertheless it is important that people who come here have more money than we did.
Without money no one should come here because the price of land is raising and the interest rates are very high.
We are still glad to be here and I believe we’ll never regret that we came here not before but also not later than we did.
About this I hope to write more later on.
Now It’s Geertje her turn to write, nowadays I am very busy loading wagons however I cannot say that it’s nice work.
Greetings Klaas.

B[rother] and s[ister] now I’ll write you some but I don’t have a lot of news! We just wrote a letter to my father.
Well Sjouke, I’ll make a list.
It will be possible that I’ll write down things you don’t have or the other way because we don’t remember exactly what we left with you.
When we were moving I disposed a lot of things.
So you have to see it yourselves.
Klaaske, that oak wooden children’s table, I won’t miss that, you have to store that till we’ll stay in Holland one day.
Our thoughts are most in Holland.
I even dream about it, last night I was very angry with Jaantje.
We should visit W. Jensma together.
Jaantje saw me but they ride past.
Now something else.
Today Klaas and I went to church, Thijs stayed with Mrs. Koning during that time, she didn’t go.
On April 7 we have to  go to a wedding party, Thijs goes with us.
We’ll go there at 7 [or 4?] in the evening and there will be about 100 guests, all Dutch people.
Every one takes his children with them and when the children become sleepy  they lay down in a corner.
Even when we go to church we take the children with us, because there are no maids here to take care of them.
I should like to have some relative here or J. with her girls.
I think W. Koning and I will recite some at the wedding about squire Piet and Sibbel from the Friesche songbook.
Every one has to recite something then, even Klaas, I can already see it in my mind Klaaske.
Once Thijs went to Belgrade with us to shop and during  the evening it began to snow and I couldn’t hold him under the lap robe so at last he was sitting above it with his nose in the snow.
You should see him now, what a healthy boy he is, a color like blood and pink skin on his head and hands like they were scale of a fish, a real farmers boy!
But he cannot walk yet, he’ll learn it some day.
Last Friday and Saturday I did the laundry because I had plenty of water.
Now it is thawing since a few days there is a stream of water like a river so i can wash everything.
Tomorrow I’ll clean the house, if there is no water one will pass over these things.
Tomorrow I’ll get materials to make a new cabinet for my china, then I can dress it up and everything will be painted inside, I have mind to that!
Klaas tells me I must write you that when we came home from the church tonight, we made pancakes.
You should like to laugh about that or think what a funny household we have but we can do that in America all the time.
And now I stop with our dearest greetings to all of you from your sister Geertje and your nephew Thijs.
Write soon about Roelof and Ietsche are doing and is Hilfje still with them?