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Klaas Schuiling, Manhattan (Montana)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 19.
Schuiling family to the Hoogland family.

Manhattan Mont[ana].
Dear b[rother] and s[ister],

The other day we made up our minds to steam to Holland one day. Oh no!
But to write a letter every Sunday because then, later on, we would get back a letter every week there the matter rested.
That writing is quite a job, it should be more handy when you came to visit us or that we could talk by telephone.
As you know we have a telephone in the house, it should be such a pleasure if we could talk to each other for a moment don’t you think Klaasche.
Even when we cannot see each other we could recognize the voices, unfortunately the distance is too big to visit each other for a moment.
So we don’t have another choice than to write regularly.
Today it is cold and windy however the sun is burning on my back at this moment.
We didn’t get any rain during last months.
Yesterday evening and this morning we thought it would get loose but again the mountains kept the clouds away from us.
There [in the mountains] it was snowing already last night which is the reason it is as cold here I think.
These days it is very busy with the threshing, from every direction you can hear the whistle of the steam-engines, even on Sunday if they are working with the Americans, but not with the Hollanders.
I think we will get one next week, but the crops generally are not very good, it has been too dry.
These days both our farmhands went to some other Dutch farmers to thresh and later on they have to help us on their turn.
It is a pity that our granary is still on the other farm so I have to go there next winter to load the wagons every time when we have to transport it to the town.
We need 20 minutes to get there [granary] and also a bad road because there are some high hills in it.
I hope this will be the last year it is there.
It is not a small thing to transport such a building over the hills.
If there should be a tiled roof on it we could break down it better, but that isn’t the case, we will try it like this and now I don’t have more news.
Please write back soon to your brother and sister K[laas] and Geertje.