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Klaas Schuiling, Manhattan (Montana)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 13.
Schuiling family to the Hoogland family.

Manhattan, March 26 [1902].
Dear brother and sister,

In the beginning of January I wrote to you and answered your questions about what to do with the money.
However I think that letter got lost because I didn’t hear anything from you and also not the paper I asked for. So I’ll do it again.
Pay father the interest, keep the deficit of last year from it, which was 3 guilders, and also the cost of the field-mail, and [the money for] to Roelof for the stop-yarn.
I also wrote for ‘Hepkema’ if you would like to order it for me and to send it every week but because I didn’t get it once yet, I think you didn’t order it till now.
Well if this is right wait ordering it till next Fall, during the Summer I don’t have much time to read.
If it is already on its way, I’ll send you the difference if you’ll write how much it is.
Also pay now the interest of 45 guilders on April 17 to uncle Klaas, I send you also 10 dollars, if you didn’t order the paper there will be enough money, I think.
That’s it, now things are arranged.
I wish I had some news to fill the paper.
Oh yes, I believe I also had written in that letter that if Dirk Dijkstra didn’t sell that cardboard little room or fence yet and one of you can use it, please take it.
The children are doing well they grow like mad it is a delight to look at them, always healthy and quiet like angels.
We are not working on the fields yet, I think it won’t take long unless the weather has to change again, otherwise early next week or maybe Friday or Saturday [we will start].
People here say that everyone can get water this year, if it is true we also will have a better  crop at least when we don’t get unexpected disasters.
We didn’t finish Braaksma’s  well.
B[raaksma] got an ulcer in his hand.
Our own well has just a little water at the moment.
I don’t know yet to get on with it.
The paper is full, kindest regards for all of you from Klaas and Geertje and children.