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Klaas Schuiling, Manhattan (Montana)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 12.
Schuiling family to the Hoogland family.

Manhattan, Montana, Jan[uary] 8, 1902.

Dear br[other] and s[ister,
We received your letter and you must have got ours.
Well S[jouke] now you can pay father from that money, the deficit of last year and those many mails.
I would like to read ‘Hebkema’ [ a local paper in Friesland] will you order it for me?
If you should like to read it first that is also possible provided that you send it to me every week, you can send two at the same time.
I believe it cost 6 guilders a year by prepayment post-paid America.
Roelof still has to get the money for the stop-yarn, pay him too.
The rest you can keep with you, this Spring I’ll send you enough [money] in addition so that you can pay the interest to uncle.
Now I think everything is arranged, isn’t it?
That we don’t manage our affairs better than we do is not to blame on Montana or the prices but of bad luck.
But I am sure that we will manage, I don’t doubt that.
The reverend here is preaching in the Dutch language, he is born in [the province] Zeeland, and once he preached in ‘Oude Zijl’ during the conference, then you know what color he is.
Geertje received new shoes and now she walks through the house like a cock ‘of 3 bones’ [cock of the walk].
Real American shoes Klaaske, we don’t have wooden shoes here (oh yes there is also a wooden shoe maker here now) but we don’t  have them yet.
G[eertje] is busy to stop stockings, but she don’t have time to write because my socks are also out of order.
Sometimes she is repairing socks till 11 p.m.
And now [word like a curse] Sijtsche and Ytje start to cry.
Ytje is the biggest one and then she beat Sijtsche on the head then she start to cry and when it goes on she [Ytje] too [they are twins].
Not that they cry all the time, not at all.
And they grow, it is a miracle, I would you could see them sister.
G[eertje] also makes a nice pair of dark little dresses for them out of a fine old skirt of Sophie.
She likes to dress them the same because they look alike to each other.
They cannot walk yet and cannot talk either and are not yet tidy (with stools) too, I don’t know more about them sister, for me it is a lot.
This Mr. Braaksma comes from Westdongeradeel, first Winter I was constructing with them, his wife was a baker [or a nurse] here.
Now we are constructing, together with the Willemsen-brothers, a house for the last mentioned people.
I’m working there for the beef, about that I also wrote in my last letter.
The horse that hurt its-self  in the fence is recovering well.
I also have 3 horses and 2 mules to board for some Dutch bachelors for 50 cents a month each, so 2½ dollars.
That is not expensive, you’ll say, no but it is enough, they have to search for their own food on the straw-storage.
They don’t have to pay more to put them on the grass-land.
Greetings Klaas and Geertje and children.