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Klaas Schuiling, Manhattan (Montana)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 11.
Schuiling family to the Hoogland family.

Manhattan, Dec[ember] 11 [1901].
Dear br[other] and sister,

It is a bout time that I write you, the more so as that we cannot pay the life-insurance this year.
You should consult Mr. Jung about it and how to act, I hope we can pay it again next year.
At least when we don’t have too much bad luck while we cannot speak about luck yet, we won’t cherish high hopes.
Anyhow when you see him, I would like you to ask him why we didn’t get some [money] back till now.
I supposed that we also had a share in the profits the society ‘Eigen Hulp’ makes and that those profits were paid out every 3 years.
I’ll enclose some [calculation]examples so you better can understand what I mean.
I didn’t sell the linseed yet, as soon as I have sold it I’ll send you the deficit-money of last year, fathers interest and the carriage of the mails.
Because we don’t pay the life insurance, we are not doing well [you’ll think], but oh no, I like good food

[Upside down on top of the page is written] You must come and see, it is a feast for the eyes.

And when my inheritance becomes less by that, then the children must learn to work, which will keep them healthy.
We have 500 pounds beef in stock from a cow or a bull, now you’ll say a little bit less was also enough, well yes but it didn’t cost us any money because I worked for it for 2 days and during this winter I have to work another 6 days for it.
Last week I bought 2 horses from Mr. Lucas for 95 dollars.
It is a very good pair of horses for that money, their names are Jo and Tainie!
Tomorrow I’ll give them a trial, then I have to bring a sleigh full of wheat to Manhattan for Mr. Alberda.
To me they could be 7 years younger and not that tame because all my horses are very tame.
I rather would to have one as the blazed horse.
This winter I am going to help Jacob Braaksma to dig a well, but I don’t have to get in it.
J[acob] will dig it himself and I have to pull out the soil.
At the moment it is freezing hard, I put a lot of pit-coal into the stove.
If there was as much water [lakes and canals] here as with you then we could ride on it with horses and a sleigh.
Now the paper is full and I wish you a happy New Year! Klaas.
The children grow like cabbage [after this the upside down has to come]

Dear br[other] and s[ister],
Well Klaaske now I’ve to write, because Kl[aas] is doing the same.
However I don’t have news, because nothing happens in our neighborhood.
Now and then we have visitors and then there is a lot of gossip about other people, because we don’t have festivities to talk about and then it is going like this isn’t it?
First I like to wish you a happy New Year then I won’t forget that.
Tell Jaantje quickly that we received both portraits of Trijntje and Pieter.
First time, when we got Trijntje’s portrait, I forgot to write it to you and Klaas just had posted the one for father’s birthday when we got

[Upside down on top of the page is written] Tomorrow morning Klaas has to leave at 4 a.m. and he won’t come home for the night because there lies too much snow to walk home.
Greetings for all of you, your s[ister] Geertje.

Pieter’s, which was on Klaas his birthday.
They look nice on it, we think and they didn’t change in the mean time.
Jaantje has already 4 grown-up children.
Well Klaaske we will hope that we also may raise our children to such an age, our 3 are doing well, always healthy which is also a privilege.
Sietsche and Ytje already can eat so nice ‘supenbrij’ [which is buttermilk-porridge] with us.
I was surprised that Jitsche already will have her 9th child.
It looks Jentje still has fancy to it, they will get there hands full with it, I can shudder thinking of it.
This week it started to snow-drift, about 2 feet high.
Thijs cannot go outside because it is also freezing hard.
Klaas came home this evening with over 100 pounds beef which was frozen to one big piece, one cannot do anything with it this way.
I stop because I have to put a patch on a pair of trousers.
[Hereafter the upside down has to come.]