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Klaas Schuiling, Manhattan (Montana)

Sjouke Johannes Hoogland, St. Annaparochie

Engelse vertaling
Naamloos document

Frisian emigrants 10.
Schuiling family to Hoogland family.

Manhattan Febr[uary] 10, 1901.

Dear br[other] and s[ister],
Last Friday we received your letter.
At that moment we  would go to the annual feast of the recite-society and we came home at night at 3 a.m.
That is why I didn’t like to go to Bozeman yesterday because it is quite a trip during the winter, it takes 3 or 4 hours ride without rest.
But I’ll go there tomorrow, it is about time that you get the money, although I think it is also partly your own fault Sjouke, or one of your letters must have get lost.
In November you wrote you should write me before January 1st 1901 how much money I’ve to send to you and now I am still waiting for that.
We often said to each other how odd it is that Sj[ouke] don’t write.
Well tomorrow I’ll send it away immediately and also enclose in this letter a part of your letter from last year.
At the end you wrote: Later on I’ll write you everything.
But I cannot find such a letter, maybe you forgot or it got lost here which is also possible, anyway you can trace things on it.
Tomorrow I’ll send you 80 dollars or 200 guilders (it will be some less because I believe a dollar is not worth 2½ guilders in Holland) but I think there even will be left enough to pay the interest to father.
Next time I’ll take care that you get the money before January 1st.
Now something else, it looks like misfortune never comes single because we lost our best horse (cost 100 dollars), he hurt himself in such a way in the fence (barbed wire) that I had to shoot him dead this morning, because recovery was impossible.
These days we are digging a well, a neighbor helps me, he earns 12½ cents an hour when he is above and 18½ cents when he is in it. We go in it by turns.
The soil is as hard as stone and I break it up with dynamite every day and even then we cannot do more than 3 feet in 8 hours.
So you can understand it is not a nice job, moreover I think we need to go to 120 feet before we’ll have water.
It is also possible that we have to dig deeper.
There are three Dutchmen here who have water on 215, 220 and 245 feet deep.
When we have to go that deep it will be stopped half way, now it is 55 feet deep.
I don’t have more news and my paper is full, kindest regards. Klaas and G[eertje] and Thijs.
You can cash the money in Leeuwarden, from here it is sent to Groningen because they don’t have connections with Leeuwarden.

Dear br[other] and sister,
It is Saturday evening Febr[uary] 11 and we received your letter last Friday so we thought we have to write back soon.
We couldn’t understand that we didn’t get a letter from you Sj[ouke] and were looking out for it every day.
One of yours [letters] must have been lost, otherwise we cannot understand it.
Thijs is crying in his bed and is incessantly calling about ‘Mem’[mother in the Friese language] so it is difficult to keep my mind on the writing.
He starts to talk a bit more Klaaske, but everything so half, I don’t  think he can talk well when he becomes 3 years old, it has to go fast then, in 4 weeks.
So it will be 4 years before he can speak things well and clearly, but he is smart and healthy and when it is not too cold he is always outside and he has a nice color.
He can eat and drink like a ditch-digger and he is eating his fat and bacon first.
These days we often have baked potatoes for dinner and then he and Klaas sometimes squabble which of them will get the last pieces of it.
Last Friday we went to the feast of the recite-society, it was a nice evening for the one who loves to feast.
What  was it cold that night, we almost were frozen when we came home.

[Upside down on top of the page is written] I don’t dare to write another page Klaaske, because I am afraid it becomes to heavy. Receive kindest regards from your sister Geertje and Thijs. Greetings for all.

When we were on our way back, we regret that we didn’t stay with Koning, they offered Thijs and me to stay the night with them, then K[laas] could walk home on his own and keep himself warm.
When it will happen again we’ll stay with them, that’s for sure.
Next Friday we have another feast, then the organ in the church will be consecrated, but it is in the afternoon, which is a better time, because travelling at night is not a good thing.
Koning and Sophie have lost their little boy.
Maybe you have read it in the ‘Leeuwarder Courant’ [newspaper]?
I’ve been there that same Tuesday afternoon and at night at 1 a.m. it died.
It refused to drink that Tuesday, towards bedtime he cleared up and was drinking well and Sophie was so happy and went to sleep reassured because she had not slept well for weeks.
At 1 a.m. Koninh woke up, they only had heard a few gasps from it and it almost had gone before Sophie was awake.
I am very sorry for her and one don’t know what to talk about when one visits them.
It looks like she is resigning to it.
Well Sj[ouke] and Kl[aaske], I don’t  think that Mr. Lucas and his wife will visit you because she must be very ill, she is suffering of tuberculosis and the physician has to come twice a day. They wrote about it.
I suppose she’ll never come home to Montana.
It must be a heavy blow for that man!
She must have had a bad chest already and people often tell here, who comes in Holland then will mostly pass away there.
We have a very healthy climate here for consumptive patients.
[Then the upside down sentences have to come here.]